Different Aspects on Distribution!


Different Aspects on Distribution!


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There are different aspects to be considered when it comes to flyer distribution.




Distributing flyers is not just a simple distribution process on any location. You have to

maximize the process by choosing the best location. The best one is where many target

customers are located. You should consider the logistics as well, when distributing flyers

in the said location, which include the time and exact post where higher traffic is located.

As you strategize the location, see to it that all the factors are given attention such as

securing permit if needed, and the like.




Connected to location is the population. There should be a great population at the exact

time of distribution on a specific location. If you are targeting students, you may do the

distribution during dismissal time at a post or area the students usually pass by. Make

sure also that you have more flyers with you, just in case the population is greater at that





Also connected to location and population, your target market is an important aspect to

focus at. The design and content of your flyers should be appealing to your target market.

You can also maximize the distribution process by dividing your time of distribution. Proper

marketing strategy will get you through the distribution process.





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