Different Options for Flyer Printing Design.


Different Options for Flyer Printing Design.


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Any size for any purpose, you can have your flyers designed depending on your

preference. Here are some menus and options to decide upon when you create your

flyers for the promotion of your business.




Flyers vary in shapes. Among the common shapes to choose from are square, small

rectangle, half page, rack card, or letter form. Choose the shape that will help get your

flyers noticed and to contain all the details you want to convey the readers.




Paper also vary in types. There are glossy paper, paper in matte texture, hard paper, and

colorful paper. Glossy paper is ideal for flyers with vivid colors while matte paper softens

the color of the design in its smooth texture.


Full Color Printing


Whether you want to have your flyers printed in full color on both sides or on one side,

printing them in colorful design is better and effective. It will not cost that much as well.


Pre-Designed Templates


There are pre-designed templates to choose from. Choose one that will suit your products,

brand, and business. Each design will surely come out of high quality printing because

they are already tested and printed on different materials.


Customized Design


You have the choice for a customized design when it comes to flyer templates. Maximize

the design and keep it simple and clear and attractive at the same time. Let the

professional designer help you customize your flyers.





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