Different Ways to Distribute Flyers

Different Ways to Distribute Flyers

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Here are some of the different ways to distribute

flyers to your customers and to other people.




1. Hand out flyers in the streets.



You can raise public awareness of your products and business by handing out leaflets to

people in the streets. Most of them are not yet your customers.




2. Door to door.



Deliver the flyers door to door. If you are marketing a product that suits household

purposes, reach every family in a village by giving flyers door to door.




3. Insert flyers in the delivery box.



If you are delivering your products, insert some flyers in the box or shopping bags. Some

household helpers keep the flyers together with the receipts. When the family sees it, they

might want to avail the offer.




4. Have leaflet dispensers in several establishments.



Communicate with the stall owner or collaborate with a business establishment about

having a leaflet dispenser in their place.




5. Sponsor an event.



Sponsor an event and grab the opportunity to distribute the flyers to people who will

attend. You may choose to distribute the flyers hand to hand and directly, or you may want

to have a table in the event and lay your flyers there for people to see. Once they saw

your flyers, they will definitely grab one.




Some companies are doing all of these strategies to increase the number of their

customers. It has proven to be effective in raising the awareness of the public about the

promotional offer. Even if you are managing a small to medium enterprise, you can benefit

from these approaches as you maximize the flyers and distribute them to common people.



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