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Are you having doubts about whether flyer distribution will still work for your business today? Alibaba Printing can clear up your mind on this matter and give you details behind why it can become a successful marketing tool.


Marketers are preoccupied these days due to the modern age and focusing more on digital marketing channels. People today spend more hours on digital channels and will continue to increase over the years. But, offline advertising techniques like flyer distribution offers true value to businesses or brands. But are will it work for your business and achieve ROI goal?


Is It Worth It?

The prices may range depending on the printing company and distribution packages that they offer, which will site different factors such as the type of paper, printing, design, color, size, quantity, how long the campaign will run, etc.


You will need to talk to the company you want to work with and arrange the details to see if it fits your budget. There is a planning stage and from there, you’ll know what you need to pay for, from the start until the end of the campaign, printing to distribution and reporting. But if you compare it to traditional means like T.V. ads, flyers allow you to be more specific on your target, and it is cheaper too.


Even if there are an increase and access to low-cost digital ways, the method is still the well-respected marketing technique in the past years that works well as being part of a combined campaign.


Is it capable of genuine ROI?

Definitely, YES. For you to appreciate it, we can compare it with other offline marketing techniques. Billboards, for example, flyers perform well over outdoor advertising since it can generate high levels of engagement within a targeted audience, and not only that, it can also drive conversion and trigger more interaction with your brand.


According to research, customers visited a promoted website or store and requested more information about the brand or bought a product right after they received the flyer (door-to-door).


It is a clear picture that this method is still effective as a component of a combined campaign and a standalone technique of marketing. When building campaigns, one thing you need to keep in mind is the boosted levels of engagement and activations that are triggered by flyers can justify a fairly high spend.


Including Offers and Coupons

There is a boost in engagement rate if in-store discounts or money-off coupons are included. You can create a limited-time discounted in your stores since it can give direct value to your customers and stir urgency in your campaign, which encourages response from the receiver.


Remember, the flyer must be reinforced with a strong value proposition. If you have something worthwhile to say or if you offer value, it will be harder for clients to disregard your message.


Using methods simultaneously like shared distribution to reduce expenses can increase your return on investment and allow you to get more value for your money as a marketer.



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