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Dri Fit T-Shirt Printing Singapore: Unisex Microfiber

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Are you looking for a dri fit t shirt Singapore service that can help with your minimum or bulk order but you still need more information about it? Then, this article can help.

This is an ultimate compilation about dri fit shirt Singapore and helps you understand the details about customizing them according to your purpose and needs.


What is a Dri Fit Material?

Firstly, do you know what a dri-fit fabric is?

It is a microfiber, high-performance polyester fabric that is body sweat-wicking and evaporates instantly. Those who are wearing this type of fiber can feel dry and comfortable during outdoor events or activities.

Big brands use dri-fit technology to make products like socks, shirts, pants, sleeves, sweatshirts, gloves, hats, etc. The materials vary from basic to high-performance range infused to make an excellent product.

Other terms for dri fit include nylon, microfiber, and polyester.


Why is Dri Fit a Popular Choice?

Today, this type of material is getting more popular due to the recent fashion trends, Athleisure. Aside from that, it offers several advantages:


  1. It suits the wearer’s skin – It is the most redeeming quality it has since it compliments various types of skin. Dry fit shirts come in a combination of multiple textures of fabrics, making the person feel at ease while wearing one. It is easy on one’s skin and should not compromise the breath-ability of the wearer.
  2. It can wick moisture – no matter how intense the training, for example, it does not soak in moisture. It evaporates sweat, making the wearer dry all the time. This reason alone makes it popular.
  3. Feeling of flexibility – it does not compromise you being flexible and lets you move without any restrictions. It can take on your body form while performing or exercising, stretching without pushing for too much effort, making it popular among fitness fanatics and athletes.
  4. It has a positive impact on one’s performance – there’s a boost in a wearer’s performance because of feeling at ease and dry all the time. If a person does not feel comfortable, it affects the overall performance negatively.


What are the Types of Dri Fit?

For the dri-fit material, below are some of the several types that you should know.

  • Microfiber eyelet tees – it is a popular type in sporting events or school camps. It is quick to dry and water-absorbent perfect for outdoors, keeping the wearer dry and cool. It is also airy and soft.
  • Cooltech polyester tees – it is recommended for outdoor activities and well-received by many. It is fitted and stretchy, perfect for those who like a slightly slim fit shirt. It is comfortable, soft to use, quick dry for outdoors, water-absorbent, stretchy, premium touch, and mostly used by big brands.
  • Interlock polyester tees – it is common in sports brand for sporting jerseys and running. It is soft to touch on the wearer’s skin and comfortable to wear. Its surface is smooth and soft. It is non-porous with no holes for an added superior look.
  • Microfiber Honeycomb (drytech) – it is not a very common material. It can give the wearer a smarter look. It is less casual and appropriate for uniforms. It also quick-dry and water-absorbent for outdoors, keeping the wearer dry and cool.

Some types of products that manufacturers offer are the following:

  • T-Shirts – Plain Microfiber T-Shirts, Multi-Tone Microfiber T-Shirts, etc.
  • Polo T-Shirts – dri fit polo tee Singapore, Plain Dri-Fit Polo T-Shirts, etc.
  • Caps – Microfiber Baseball caps
  • Outerwear – Windbreakers, Dri Fit Hoodies, Bomber Jackets
  • Singlets – Microfiber Singlets
  • Towels – Microfibre Towels
  • Bags – Non woven bags, Polyester Drawstring bags, Nylon Sling bags
  • Shorts & Pants – Trackpants, Microfiber Shorts

Take note that there are similar dri fit materials made from another composition and are utilized for particular products.


What are the Types of Dri Fit T-Shirt Printing Methods for Customization

You should know that not all materials are compatible with dri fit shirt printing Singapore. Once you have a material that you like in mind, let’s see what type of print technique is most suitable.

Silkscreen– the ink is printed directly on the products’ surface using a silkscreen. It is appropriate for most microfiber products. You can print the brand logo or design you like, which will last for a long time. You can save money, especially if you order in bulk.

Digital Heat Transfer Tees Printing– it is a technique wherein a layer that has your design is heat-pressed straight on the product. It is a great option if your designs contain lots of colors and gradient format. All types of dri fit products can use this print technique.

Embroidery– the threads that are entangled on the apparel adds professionalism and class. It is a print technique that’s also suitable for all types of microfiber materials.

Direct-to-Garment Printing– all types of microfiber material can use this print technique, but it is not as affordable as the heat transfer method.

Sublimation Printing– it is only appropriate for polo shirts and t-shirts. It is excellent for jersey printing.

Would you like it custom-made? You can request to have it from scratch, wherein you can customize the collar, body panel, cuffs, and other parts that will meet your preference.


What are the Factors that Affect Pricing or Cost?

The price or cost depends on factors, especially if you need to customize. Below are the details that can affect the price:

  1. Quantity – to simply put, the higher quantity of your order, the cheaper the price. Lower quantity is higher price. The cost is inversely proportionate to quantity.
  2. Product type – the basic types of products are cheaper than the premium ones. You can also choose the cheapest option available.
  3. Printing Method – the type of printing would depend on your company logo. A simple, 1-color ink logo design is good with the silkscreen printing method since it is cheaper in bulk orders. If your brand logo contains a different combination of colors, embroidery is good, especially if the design is not too complicated. But, if the logo design is too complex that has a gradient color format, heat transfer printing is highly suggested.
  4. Print Size – as printing becomes bigger, the higher the cost will be for customization. A 10cm x 10cm size of the design on the sleeve or left chest is best. You may choose A4 size printing as well, which is the standard size print.
  5. Total Number of Placement in Printing a design – once you set your budget, it’s best to have your logo printed on 1 location of the shirt or other products. The more logo printed on different parts of the shirt or product, the higher the customization cost is. Clients customize the tees on the sleeves, left chest, back, or chest.

These are the factors that you need to consider. All have an impact when it comes to pricing your customized microfiber products. You can discuss first with the printing company to know all your options that will fit your budget.


What are the Types of Fabric?

For many years, the use of synthetic fabric has become very popular because of its superior ability in keeping the wearer comfortable and dry. Other alternatives that you can choose for a comfortable run to the wearer include:

  • Polyester – it is durable because it is plastic-based. It is also lightweight, non-absorbent, and breathable. It can repel UV rays, keeping the wearer warm when it is wet, best for running jackets. However, it does not have the natural fibers’ anti-bacterial quality.
  • Nylon – one of the most popular running wear fabrics because it is breathable, sweat-wicking, and very stretchy to help the wearer move comfortably.
  • Spandex – also called Lycra (brand name), it is flexible and stretchy. It can expand to help the wearer move without restrictions before it snaps back to its original shape.
  • Polypropylene – another popular fiber in running gear, it is water-resistant, and a perfect running base-layer. It will stay dry on one’s skin, no matter how sweaty the wearer becomes.
  • Wool – particularly Merino wool, is best for cold and hot weather running since it has temperature regulating ability, it is sweat-wicking, extremely breathable, and anti-bacterial. It has a combination of synthetic fibers like spandex for a more fitted shape. Plus, it is very lightweight.
  • Cotton – it is not optimal and recommended for running. It absorbs moisture and traps against your skin. It can make the wearer feel hot and damp when sweating.
  • Bamboo – it is eco-friendly, and an alternative to synthetic fibers. It is naturally sweat-wicking, incredibly soft, and anti-bacterial.


What We Offer

We are dri fit t shirt supplier Singapore offers unisex 100% microfiber polo and round neck t-shirt with short sleeves, and weighs 160 gsm. It is best for seminars, F&B uniform, corporate events, sport event, and factory wear. Color options include white, red, and royal blue, black, navy blue, etc. Sizes are XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

You can talk to our sales representative for a more detailed information.


How Much Does it Cost?

To give you an initial idea, we can break down the cost based on the following details in creating a shirt from scratch, so this is what you are paying for:

  • Material
  • Design/Labor
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Tax and Duty
  • Mark-up
  • Shipping and Freight

To get the exact amount, it is best to talk to a representative of the printing company. Remember the details mentioned earlier, the type of material, the printing method, the design, the print location preferences, and the quantity will affect the cost.

If you want it cheap to fit your overall budget, be sure to choose the options that will balance the design details and other elements, including the cost.


We Cater Minimal or Bulk Orders

Alibaba Printing is one of the best dri-fit t-shirt Singapore companies that local and international clients rely on. We can handle your minimal or bulk requirements at amazingly affordable package rates. You can tell us your preference and other details for printing to help you find the perfect deal that will match your budget.