Dri Fit T-Shirt Printing Singapore: Can I Print on Microfiber Shirts?

Dri Fit T-Shirt Printing Singapore: Can I Print on Microfiber Shirts?



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Are you thinking about selling your brand of shirts or printing your designs on microfiber shirts for your company or personal use? Are you hesitating if you can do this or not? Then his article will give you the info that you need.


To answer the question can you print on microfiber shirts, the answer is – YES, you can and there are many dri fit t-shirt printing Singapore companies that offer this particular service. However, if you want to do it on your own, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to see if your printer can handle the job before you start printing in bulk quantity.


Dri-fit tees are not the usual shirts that you can easily print on since it is 100% polyester. If you are planning to print on performance fabrics, you need the proper knowledge, especially on the type of printer you are using.


In screen printing, using black and white is the easiest, wherein you can simply blend out the mistakes. Microfiber shirts need a specialized process. Below are things you have to keep in mind whether the printer you are using needs replacement for your dri-fit shirt printing project.


  1. When you stretch the shirt, the graphics turn out to be distorted.

We all want our custom shirts to look good. With this type of garment, dri fits are often used in active sports, yoga, and many other outdoor activities. It means that it will twist and turn multiple times. Even when the garment is stretched, it should not distort, and the graphics should stretch along as the wearer moves.


  1. The graphics do not look right.

Graphic distortion, when stretched, is just one thing, distorted graphics without movement is another issue. It is another printer problem. Graphic distortion is due to overheating during the printing procedure. A bad graphic or logo design can present your company or event negatively.


  1. Scorched shirts.

Most of the screen printers print on cotton shirts. When printing on garments like polyester, or polyester/Lycra blend, it needs to utilize a different type of ink, and it’s not the same as printing on cotton tees.


Do not forget that polyester and other synthetic materials will scorch if it reaches a specific temperature. And with too many heating elements to dry the shirt, it can be easy to overlook such things.


  1. The shirts are too small.

Is it too snug or small after trying the shirt on, even if you are not gaining weight? The reason behind it could be due to heat exposure during the printing process.



These are the things you need to pay attention to. If you are still hesitant and you do not have the equipment to print in bulk, it’s best to get the services of an experienced printing company.

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