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Looking for helpful information on how you can reach more people using your event flyers during your flyer distribution campaign? If you are, then continue reading on as Alibaba Printing shows you the most effective ways to reach more people based on their years of experience.


Event flyers are known as old school, but it still is an effective way to promote products, services, or events. Your beautifully designed flyers need to be in the hands of the right team of people. It involved proper planning before running a distribution campaign. You don’t just go out there and give them to random people, or else all your efforts will be a waste.


Here are different ways for you to reach more people when distributing the flyers, both online and offline.


#1. Direct Mail – you can mail the invitations if you have a list of potential people that will attend your event along with their address. All you have to do is to send them. If you have a tight budget and can only spare for a few numbers of invitations, try printing off the labels and stuffing the envelope yourself. If you need to send it to a larger number, the mailing house can do the work for you. The cost would depend on how many flyers you want to mail.


#2. Shops and services in your local area – we all know this is a traditional way of doing it. You can ask the local businesses and see if you can post the flyer in their shop windows, display tables, etc. Check the places that has a waiting room where people are spending their time and have nothing much to do like opticians, hairdressers, dentists, clinics, etc. Put them in places where your potential clients usually are found. You can also offer to display their flyers during your business event in exchange for allowing you to put your flyers in their shop.



#3. Door drops – if you don’t have an address list, this is the cheapest option you can choose. The process itself is time-intensive, but it can let you cover a wide geographical area, but this is workable if you have a hyper-targeted distribution. If you are targeting students, then you want to work your way at a campus or anywhere where there is a dense population of students. You can ask for the help of Alibaba Printing for more workers to do the job.


#4: Street bodies – this is a proactive approach wherein you give the flyers in person. Hit the streets and target high-foot areas like the main streets, bus or train stations, entertainment complexes, sporting facilities, etc. Remember, your target audience will tell you the best times, days, and places where you can do this. If you have the budget but less time, it’s always best to hire people to help distribute the flyers. But make sure you are permitted to distribute the flyers before you start handing them out.


#5. On the Internet – distribute your flyers digitally too. Share it on your social media accounts.


Use the most of your flyers. Online is not enough, and many people love tangible things.



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