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Effective Flyer Distribution Singapore by Expert Distributor | Professional Flyer Distribution Services | Flyer

What Are The Rates And Services For Pamphlet Distribution SG?

Flyer distribution  services are currently in great demand and companies that provide efficient and timely services are highly sought after by potential clients. Thanks to Alibaba Printing, you can look forward to the aforementioned flyer services, regardless of the purpose, creative design and volume you need. We are focused on every customer’s personal requirements, in order to make sure they select the best option for themselves. No matter what your budget/ business requirements or for your brand Promoting, we will come up with a suitable flyer printing services strategy for you.

All Company Needs Design Marketing Distributors

As a  flyer distribution company, Our team we understand that biggest company to smallest companies and businesses require leaflets and flyers for a number of objectives. Organisations and fundraisers require flyers for a number of goals, such as advertising and event and new product promotions. Hence, it is extremely important to get flyers printed professionally, in order to boost sales and lead to greater client awareness. This is just what Alibaba Printing specialises in. Customers seeking quick services, supreme quality and highly-competitive rates will find us ideal for their needs. Our attractive flyers enable you to make your ‘call to action’ clearly and precisely, so that the client takes action immediately. Our creative flyers are designed to make the best possible impact, without any need for expending money or energy. What’s more, you can look forward to a number of unanticipated sales owing to our superior-quality designs and ideally-positioned flyers.

We Can Help With Your Marketing Job

We hear you, your request on your flyers distribution marketing will be planned and discussed with you before the campaign started. We are proud to play a big role in our clients’ marketing strategies with our dependable flyer distribution services. Thanks to our focus on timely, top-notch services and ground operations,customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Give us a call today for all your HDB flyer distribution needs – it will be our pleasure to serve you.

Best Costing For Your Marketing – HDB Door To Door Package

We provide cost-efficient flyer printing and distribution services for our valued clients. Our focus is always centered on helping enterprises of all sizes boost their sales through the efficient delivery of different types of flyers and marketing services. If you are seeking swiftly-delivered, high quality printing and distribution service, look no further, as we play a big part in helping you reach area in your marketing goals.

Trusted Services By Customers For More than 12 Years Distribution Company

We always make it a point to deliver efficient customer service, in order to not just live up to, but also exceed our clients’ expectations. The best part is that our printing services are affordable and our products rank high on quality. This translates into a win-win situation for our clients, who can look forward to benefitting from superior printing solutions to leverage their business in the competitive market.

PRICE LIST | Rate | Cost (A5 SIZE)

    • Flyer Distribution with same Day Report Provided
    • ( HDB flyer distribution door to door By In House Distributor  SGD 20.00-32.00 / 1000 copies (min. 10,000 copies )
    • Landed   SGD 60.00-68.00 / 1000 copies (min. 4,000 copies)

  • Walkway flyer distribution — SGD 60.00-65.00 / 1000 copies (Min 4,000Copies) 
  • Commercial flyer Distribution / Industrial flyer Distribution – SGD 60.00-65.00 / 1000 copies( Min 4,000Copies)
  • Cardrop flyer distribution  SGD 28.00-32.00 / 1000 copies (min. 10,000 Copies)
  • Condo flyer distribution (via Singpost)  SGD 160.00 / 1000 copies (min. 18750 copies)
  • Distributing only to New BTO Flat?

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Distribution To BTO Flats Units and locations

Printing+ distribution
128gsm glossy artpaper Full colour A5 size

Single sided

Q1 HDB BTO between Jan-March 2019 Print and distribute 4611 units @ only SGD  515.00
Q2 HDB BTO between April-June 2019 Print and distribute 1827 units @ Only SGD 380.00
Q3 HDB BTO between July- Sept 2019 Print and distribute 4610 units @ Only SGD 850.00
Q4 HDB BTO between Oct-Dec 2019 Print and distribute 3318 units @ Only SGD 580.00

Q1 HDB BTO between Jan-March 2020 Print and distribute 1745 units @ only SGD 380.00

Q2 HDB BTO between April-June 2020 Print and distribute 5683 units @ Only SGD 1145.00

Q3 HDB BTO between July- Sept 2020 Print and distribute 2739 units @ Only SGD 685.00

Q4 HDB BTO between Oct-Dec 2020 Print and distribute 8802 units @ Only SGD 1320.00

Double sided

Q1 HDB BTO between Jan-March 2019 Print and distribute 4611 units @ only SGD  575.00
Q2 HDB BTO between April-June 2019 Print and distribute 1827 units @ Only SGD 480.00
Q3 HDB BTO between July- Sept 2019 Print and distribute 4610 units @ Only SGD 910.00
Q4 HDB BTO between Oct-Dec 2019 Print and distribute 3318 units @ Only SGD 680.00

Q1 HDB BTO between Jan-March 2020 Print and distribute 1745 units @ only SGD 430.00

Q2 HDB BTO between April-June 2020 Print and distribute 5683 units @ Only SGD 1205.00

Q3 HDB BTO between July- Sept 2020 Print and distribute 2739 units @ Only SGD 745.00

Q4 HDB BTO between Oct-Dec 2020 Print and distribute 8802 units @ Only SGD 1350.00

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Distribution Locations Flyer

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Some of the business flyers we have printed:

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flyer distribution local city flyer distribution rates sample promote handout door-to-door

Some of our Client: 

Lalamove Best Denki Shopee

HidilaoHot Pot Watson

National Environment Agency

The list goes on, Visit Our Client Page to view more.

Case To Increase Your Sales With Plan That Works

What’s great about flyer distribution is simple: it works! There is no special ways, flyers are a tried and tested method that has been used for centuries. They are cheap, fast, and can have anything you want to put on it. The trickier part is how to distribute them – do you want a door to door flyer distribution Singapore, posting of flyers on the walls, or simply hand them out to people. Any way you choose, flyering is a proven marketing method if you know how to do it properly.

Orange Money Method That Are Useful – Printing Services

Nevertheless, with this easy way of marketing, many still fail to use this method to its full potential. Here’s why: something simple does not necessarily mean easy. Distribution of 10,000 flyers can garner a 1% reaction, which is 100 customers. This is still a success for most business but pushing the percentage to a higher 2-, 3-, 4-, or even a 5-per cent customer response is possible. You can do this by taking the design of your flyer seriously. This innocuous piece of paper is your connection with your target audience.

There is a potential in flyering; a 2 to 3 per cent increase after a flyer distribution campaign can mean hundreds of additional customers and that’s a lot! To make a flyer campaign more successful, try to be in your customer’s’ shoes. What are the things that will earn your interest in trying the product offered on the flyers? Does the flyer offer the solution you are looking for? Every single detail that shows 2you care for the customer, show it in the flyer. Let the flyer convince the prospect to trust what you offer.

How To Plan For Flyer Campaign location In Singapore?

Before you layout, print and go into your flyer campaign, take note of these flyer distribution tips types and locations flyer design:

  1. Give a CLEAR message. Every marketing message must be strong and clear; conveyed clearly, quickly, and creatively. Visualize the message in various ways. Remember, you got to put in effort for your content, flyers for your flyer distribution must be captivating and convincing – your potential customers must like what you offer, just like in love at first sight. It must be short but unique, snappy and memorable. The flyers are not usually picked up by people, flyers are being handed out to them and most of the time, people are unwilling to take them. So, better yet, let the message be clear and let the message catch their attention and shout on to them. The initial goal is to stir reaction, regardless of what kind of reaction it is.
  2. Flyer distribution and not leaflet distribution. Leaflets may be cheaper, and printing and flyer distribution rates are a bit higher, but you are trying to make money here, not trying to save money. The goal is to spread a message and it is crucial to make the presentation neat and well, presentable. Leaflets are small, thin pieces of printed paper which, when shoved into a mailbox, will just end up in the trash. The thickness of flyers that you use to do flyer distribution allow them to be placed through letterboxes neatly, making them an ideal material for door to door HDB flyer distribution. It must not become crumpled that when it falls to the floor, no one is gonna attempt to pick it up. When you invest money on design and printing and distribution, so don’t let your HDB flyer distribution campaign fall short just because you want to save a little money.
  3. Shaped materials have bigger impact when doing flyer distribution in Singapore. There are shaped flyers that you can use to increase the amount of time the potential customer will view your message. One way is incorporating an interesting shape. Flyers for distribution must have more impact, so maximize your ability to make that impact and use it. Maximum impact equals higher return of investment.
  4. Focus the message on the customer instead of on your company. Potential customers do not really care if you have decades of experience. What they want to know is how you can be of use – what can you offer to make their lives easier? Yes, you need to inform them about your contact details, logo, company name and all, but focus on the customers. Let them know they are your main priority. Offer them the best things that you can offer – if you need to kiss them on the feet, then do. Show them how passionate you are in serving them; show them loyalty and love.
  5. Connect with people flyer distribution singapore is your chance to connect with potential customers and make a sale. If you can tap each one on the shoulder, you are gonna do it just to have the chance to sell. But, you can’t. That’s why you are doing a flyer distribution campaign. You need to reach more customers within a short span of time. Once you have them hold the flyer, make sure that you connect with them through it. Think of something to say to them in which, when they see it on the flyer, will make them know that it is your service or product that they need. Make them give you a chance and try what you have to offer.
  6. Add a discount. If you want to nudge your customers to the right direction, give them discounts. Since you are trying to make sales, giving discounts can bring potential customers to your doorsteps, and at the same time help build a loyal customer base. Adding a discount usually yields better results. Offering cheap flyer distribution rates gives the recipient a small nudge to get your offer.

For instance, a barber distributed 5000 pieces of flyers that offer no discount. Since there’s no ‘reward’ or discount, only 1% showed, resulting in 50 persons coming to get a haircut paying the full price. You can’t really tell who will come back and who will not.

But, if you distribute 5000 pieces of flyers offering a 50% discount for a haircut, chances are, more people will show up. Say, you get a 5% reaction, yielding to 250 new customers. Of course, you are less likely to earn from them because you offered a haircut for half the price, but 250 customers mean you get more people to possibly build your clientele. In business, making money is easier than getting customers. The first thing to do in business is to attract customers first and profit will follow as long as you give them good service.

  1. Monitoring the flyer’s effectiveness. One of the secrets behind an effective marketing is the ability to monitor its impact. Adding a discount is also one way to measure or monitor the flyering campaign’s effectiveness. For example, a flyer distribution service Singapore was hired to hand out flyers with 30% discount on bread and pastries from a certain bakeshop. The bakeshop owner will know how many people responded to the flyer campaign when the flyers come back to them because of the offered discount.

Another way to monitor the effectiveness of flyer distribution campaign is through social media. Now is a great time to maximize the use of social media. Add your business’s social media pages on the flyers and ask them to like your page and follow you. Then you can make a short survey to ask where they learn about your business. Measuring the campaign impact helps you know how interested the people were, how many purchased or availed the offer, how many brought referrals, etc.

Alternative Marketing Strategies in Today’s World: Working with Technology and Websites

In today’s world, traditional marketing strategies are no longer enough to capture the attention of potential customers. To stand out in the crowded digital landscape, brands must adopt a comprehensive marketing strategy that leverages the latest technology and websites. This includes everything from Google and SEO to data analysis and social media marketing. By understanding the process of driving traffic to a website through effective ads and search engine optimization, brands can develop a powerful marketing strategy that yields measurable results.

One important aspect of modern marketing is social media marketing. With billions of active users, social media platforms provide a valuable opportunity for brands to connect with their target audience and build brand awareness. Paid social media ads are also an effective way to drive traffic to a website and increase conversions.

Driving Growth and Leads with a Technology-Driven Marketing Strategy

In addition to social media marketing, email marketing and blogging are also important components of a comprehensive marketing strategy. These tactics can help to establish a brand’s authority in a particular niche and keep customers engaged over the long term.

Ultimately, the key to success in today’s world is to embrace the power of technology and use it to your advantage. By leveraging tools like data analysis and search engine optimization, brands can develop a marketing strategy that is tailored to their specific needs and goals. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your existing marketing efforts to the next level, there is no doubt that a comprehensive, technology-driven approach is the way to go.

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