Flyer Distribution at Bukit Merah – Are You Fit for The Job?

Is it easy to do flyer distribution work? Clearly, there are some jobs that may be more complicated compared to others, and there will be different levels of difficulty when it comes to distributing flyers, and this depends on the task that you need to perform on your working day.

If you are just starting out on this job, you can always do a simple distribution task. After which, you can then develop more skills and gather additional knowledge to make you a more competitive flyer distributor in your area.

Flyer printing in Bukit Merah

Who Can Do Flyer Distribution?

If you are planning to become a flyer distributor, chances are, you will ask if you need to have any experience or qualifications in order to start? While it would be a plus if you have some previous experience, it won’t be necessary as you will surely receive the proper training to be the best distributor in your field. You do not need to have any academic background to be a flyer distributor. What matters here is that you know how to follow instructions and work hard.

How many distributions should I be making in an hour?

When doing door-to-door flyer distribution at Bukit Merah, you should aim to deliver at least 100 flyers per hour, to maybe up to 300. Of course, it will be of your advantage if you can distribute more than that. This is possible as you develop your speed and get more experienced.

Distributing flyers at public places like parks and shopping malls is a bit different. Places with high foot traffic are more likely to get the most number of distributed flyers. However, the number of flyers distributed would be nothing if they do not end up to your target market. So, it would also need a lot of working on to do. Yes, you have to know what kind of target market you have and determine the places they frequent to, as well.

These are just some of the tasks that mostly affect the daily work day of a flyer distributor. If you are interested of becoming one, please read our blog posts on Ticket Printing at Bukit Merah – Types of Tickets and Flyer Distribution at Bedok – The Duties & Responsibilities of a Flyer Distributor.


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