Flyer Distribution at Ubi for Interior Design Firm

Flyers are great marketing tools, they are used for almost any kind of marketing event and in promoting various products and services, too. In addition, flyers are among the main choices when it comes to promoting real estate properties like condominiums, but for this flyer distribution at Ubi project, we have flyers for an interior design company offering low rates for condo owners.

About the Client

The Artisan Id Group is a company that provides interior services such as design concepts, space planning, feasibility studies, and project management. The company is composed by trained and inspired design professionals with the objective to give a great experience to its clients. They came up with a flyer layout that is synonymous to their image – clean, precise, and outstanding. The flyers feature their basic interior setup as well as the inclusions of their design packages. You’ll see that they charge a basic fee of $80 per square foot, which is very minimal if you’ll base it on the inclusions (Internal color PVC, dish rack, anti-slam hinges, and limitless kitchen interior).

Flyer Distribution Services

Like the Artisan Id Group, we at Alibaba Printing aims for excellence when it comes to our field. We offer flyers printing and distribution services that are surely above par and can help you yield positive results. Like Artisan Id Group, we want innovative techniques and great outcomes regardless of how big or small the project is. We have had various assignments in marketing tools like the Flyer Printing and Distribution at Woodlands, flyer printing at Orchard, Bukit timah, and more. Our growing list of clients only proves that we are one of the trusted companies when it comes to printed marketing tools.

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