Flyer Distribution Job Daily Pay





Flyer Distribution Job Daily Pay



Flyer Distribution Job which pay daily? Get paid daily to pass flyers – make money by distributing flyers for a new product line – easy work, all you need is a door knocker and the flyer! sign up today to start earning cash.



What is Flyer Distribution Job?


Flyer Distribution Job is a job to distribute flyers for the company. You earn by delivering flyers and reporting when you deliver it back at headquarters later. Read More

There are many ways of getting paid daily, such as distributing flyers that tell about new product lines in your neighborhood or community, easy work which you need a door knocker, and the flyer.


What is Flyer Distribution Pay?


Flyer distribution pay varies with how many flyers you deliver on one day, for example, if you distribute 1000-2000 flyers in one day then your wage will be $1800-$2500 Monthly.



How to Become a Flyer Distributor?



There are many ways of becoming a flyer distributor. One way is to simply sign up with your local company that employs this job.


What does it take to become a Flyer Distributor?



It takes drive and motivation for the work because you spend time outside distributing flyers in the community or neighborhoods so you need to be passionate about this job.


Requirements for this job :


*Needs to have a motivation for the work

*The only restrictions set by this job is that you need to be at least 16 years old.  Parents can be present when their kids distribute flyers around the neighborhood or community and help out as well.


Benefits of being a flyer distributor



*This job is the perfect opportunity for students to make some money and learn how to get out of the house

*Great way to earn cash if you have a car or bike

*Needs little experience but gets paid well, there are no background checks required.

What You Need:    – A door knocker and the flyer



Daily pay rate and requirements for payment


The daily pay rate is based on how many flyers you distribute in one day. For example, if you deliver 1000-2000 flyers daily then your wage will be $1800-$2500 Monthly.  Please note that We does not provide transportation to the location where they need distributors because it is a job for people who stay and work near their home.


Tips on how to do your best as a flyer distributor


-Just take the flyer with details about our newest product line to homes in need of cleaning services, hand them over the door knocker if possible (so it looks like someone else left it) then report what time they were delivered back at headquarters so that we can credit you accordingly.

*Stay focused on your work and don’t get distracted

*Be sure to report back at the same time every day so we can provide you with your pay rate.


If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash, consider becoming a flyer distributor. You’ll be out in the community or your neighborhood handing flyers over door knockers and getting paid on daily basis. The only requirements are that you need to be at least 16 years old and stay focused while distributing the flyers. If this sounds like something that interests you then sign up now! We have more information about what it takes to become one of our distributors as well as how much they typically make monthly here.

Contact Info:   If you have any questions about this flyer distribution job or are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact us!



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Flyer Distribution Job Daily Pay


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