Flyer Distribution Singapore Secrets to Success

A flyer distribution campaign that is not properly planned and executed has higher chances to fail, regardless of how much money you spend on it. On the other hand, if you carefully planned the flyer distribution process in every aspect, sure enough, it will turn into a success. Here are top flyer distribution Singapore secrets to success:

Know Your Goals

You have to know your goals when aiming for something. You do not just do the campaign and then realize at the end that you do not have a solid goal. Setting out clear goals at the start of your flyer distribution planning can help you decide on what steps to do in order to reach these goals. Remember to be specific on your goals. It can be driving 30% more traffic to your Social Media pages, enhancing the loyalty of customers by 20%, improving brand awareness in a month, or generating $10,000 worth of sales within 20 days. Set high goals, but make sure they are realistic or the campaign may end up failing.

Identify Your Market

The marketing world is already saturated, and learning who finds your products or services interesting can be a bit tricky. To identify your target market properly, you can start with doing a market research like online surveys. Thereafter, you can narrow down the most interested people group. Identifying your target market accordingly will not only save you money and effort, it will also help you make the marketing campaign a success.

Set a Budget and Stick With It

Know how much budget can your business give this flyer distribution campaign. Set up a budget that you can afford and also base it on the revenue that this campaign will possibly generate. Of course, the target revenue must cost relatively more compared to the budget you will give the marketing campaign.

Campaign Scheduling

A flyer distribution marketing campaign should have a good timing, so you must schedule your campaign based on various factors. Ask yourself, are you aiming for the holiday shopping rush? Does your target market includes college kids? Do you have an offer that links to a particular event? Also, take note that discounts are usually given during off-peak or lean season, so if your product sales is good during a particular season, it is unwise to offer a discount at that time.

Monitor the Flyer Distribution Campaign

Know if the flyer distribution Singapore campaign is effective by tracking your sales. You can do this by adding coupon codes and making sure your employees are aware of the campaign, thus giving you a heads up if the customers are making a purchase because of the flyers or otherwise.

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