Flyer Distribution Singapore – What are the Best Places To Distribute Flyers

Being a business owner doesn’t mean you just lay back and watch your business grow. Business owners also wear a wide array of hats – you need to do your best to make your business be known and be a success. One of the hats you need to wear is the marketer’s hat. Marketing is the main thing that makes a business work and without it, your business is as good as none. Nevertheless, for small to medium enterprises,  advertising funds are a bit limited. So, how are you going to market your business without spending too much money and still be deemed effective? The best marketing option probably is flyer distribution.

Best Places for Flyer Distribution

You can have many ideas as to where to distribute your business flyers. To make it easier, here are some of the best places to distribute flyers in Singapore.

Residential Areas

Residential areas are always on top of the list when it comes to flyer distribution. However, this statement depends on the nature of the business you are going to promote. Residential areas are the go-to place for flyer distribution if your business targets home persons, youngsters, and the residents of the areas in general. Say, you have a restaurant at Holland Village, promoting the business to residents of the area is ideal. You can hand the flyers out to passers-by or you may opt to avail professional services that will distribute the flyers. For large-scale businesses that target clients from any point of Singapore, residential areas like condos and HDBs can be reached by mailing them through SingPost.

Street Promotion

Busy streets are an ideal working stations for most flyer distributor. The main goal if flyer distribution is to hand out flyers to prospective clients. Some of Singapore busiest streets are great choices when it comes to distributing flyers. People are there, and most of them are active consumers on the lookout for products and services. Clarke Quay, Chinatown, Haji Lane and Orchard Road are some examples of Singapore streets with heavy foot traffic.

College Campuses

If your target market includes college kids, then a college or university is a great place for flyer distribution. Most students are out during lunchtime, so try to do it by that time. Keep in mind that college and universities may have their own set of rules when it comes to flyer distribution so make sure to get in touch with the respective school administration first before doing your marketing.

Public Events

Public events and festivals draw a lot of people and this is the best place and time to hand out flyers. To maximize results, go to events that are most likely to cater your target market. Say, you are to open an art supply store, then the Singapore Art week, which will be held in various locations, is an ideal time and place to distribute your flyers.

Flyer distribution Singapore can be a tricky marketing strategy, but once you know how and where to get it done, you’ll see results that are worth your money, time, and effort.

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