Flyer Distribution: What Aspects to Consider

Flyer Distribution: What Aspects to Consider

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When distributing flyers as your marketing

tool, you will need to distribute them in many

places to ensure that the crowd or a big

number of people will reach them. If you want

your effort and your investment in this

marketing strategy to work out for your

business, you should have a systematic way

when it comes to the distribution. Here are

some aspects that can help you:




1. Target market. When you do your flyers, consider your target market. If you are selling

products for household purposes, you may include parents, mothers, and household

helpers as your target market. If you are selling products for kids, your flyers should be

pleasing and interesting for them. If you are selling food and beverages, there are also

some designs and colors that you should consider persuading people to buy your





2. Location. Consider the location where you will distribute your flyers. It should be a

busy place where most people come and go all the time. You may post for a few hours in a

street corner where people pass by, or in a mall or big establishment that is

always crowded.




3. Your flyers. When you go out to crowded places to distribute flyers, make sure you

have enough flyers to distribute. In high traffic locations, a thousand flyers may not be

enough, but if you intend to stay for a few hours only, or until the flyers are all distributed,

this number may do.



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