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Flyer Distribution Job

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Are you wondering about the right career path for you? Do you want a job that has less qualifications, yet can give you a career growth that can lead you to ultimate success at the right time? Maybe you can try and take one from the many flyer distribution jobs available @ Alibaba Printing

How to Land a Career in Flyer Distribution?

When thinking about job application, you also need to consider if you can do the job with no or only little problem. A position in flyers distributor jobs mostly requires minimal educational attainment, and typically accepts applications from students for part-time positions. Landing a career in the flyer business can be your stepping stone to have a better future. An experience in ‘flying’ or having a flyer job can be considered as a sales or marketing-related work experience, which you can add on your resume when the time comes. It is also a good way to build your confidence and can help you enter the career path of your choice. Everything is a step-by-step process and even those who have high-paying jobs usually start at the lowest, like Singapore flyer distribution job.

Flyer Distributor Job Description

Before you go enter the career path of flyer business, and get into one of those flyer distribution jobs, it is ideal to understand first the ins and out of it. Distribute flyers job is perhaps the oldest marketing form next to the shop sign. Even with today’s very popular Internet marketing strategy, flyers – even handed out or mailed – are still very effective in terms of promoting a business or service, and making sales. Apart from being an effective marketing strategy, one of the perks of campaigning a business through flyers is its inexpensiveness. Flyer printing and distribution service is really cheap compared with other means of advertisements like TV commercials, radio announcements, billboards, and newspaper ads.

Understanding the Flyer Distribution Jobs Field

Flyer print and distribution is a field that involves many steps. First is the laying out of designs, then the proofreading. Printing is another step and then goes the distribution of the printed flyers. That is why this business also requires many workers in various fields.

Businesses and companies, both big and small need flyers to meet a number of objectives. Even organizations require flyers from time to time, particularly for event announcements and fundraising activities. Thus, it is very important that the flyers are done professionally and printed in high-quality paper, if the budget will permit. Those who are looking for a quick way to help boost clientèle and sales can seek the service of a flyer printer and distributor that can offer competitive prices with efficient service.

Door to Door Flyer Distribution Job

Among the many flyer distribution jobs that you may try is the door to door flyer distribution job. Its nature of work is posting flyers or leaflets on doors of HDB apartments or condos. This requires going to residential areas, such as condominiums and HDB housing projects, and post the promotional flyers on each door or mailbox. Sticking the flyers on selected areas of the residential unit may be done, as well, in order to make sure that people find the print ads at eye level, thus upping the viewing time and increasing percentage of potential sales. At times, you may have little interaction with potential clients as they may ask questions regarding the product or service offered on your flyer.

Flyer Distributor Jobs for Students


‘Flying’, or distribution of flyers, is one of the easiest jobs to apply to. It requires just a few skills – if you can walk around the area without getting lost and know how to hand out flyers, then you are good to go. You do not need to have a lot of work experience to earn a few dollars an hour. That is why more and more students work part-time as flyer distributors.


While there are some challenges – say, some people do not treat ‘flyers’ very well, this job is still a good way to earn a few dollars on your free time. Plus, it is not that emotionally and mentally draining, though you will need to be physically fit somehow to be able to execute the task. But, hey, giving out flyers is a good form of exercise, and you’ll even get paid for it. Here’s a tip: to make giving out flyers a pleasant and more rewarding task, try to be cheerful and make eye contact so people would be pleased.

Night Flyer Distributor Job for Students

Flyer distribution jobs for students can help you earn good money, depending on the task. So, if you have some spare time, working 20-30 hours a week can help you earn more than $2000/month, depending on the task. So, which can be a great help, especially for college students.

Flyer Distributor Job Singapore

Flyers distribution jobs for students are very in demand these days, with the flyer distributors jobs in Singapore in great demand and highly sought by clients looking for a timely and efficient service. Alibaba Printing can provide fast and reliable service that focuses on the customer’s requirements. Hence, the growth in demand for distributors.


A flyer distributor job usually involves walking around and handing out flyers, making interaction with potential customers. In Singapore, people with flyers distributors jobs may be required to be around a designated street, walkway for hours, or even visit HDB housing buildings for some door to door flyer distribution jobs in singapore or letterbox distribution.


At times, jobs part time or jobs flyer distribution may require you to spend hours at the office, inputting address for the flyers that will be sent through mail.

Letterbox Flyer Distribution Job Singapore

Some questions you might want to ask yourself before applying for a flyers distribution job:


  • How much pay will I get as a flyer distributor?
  • Can I see a career advancement with this door to door flyer job?
  • Will the pay I am going to get from a job flyer be enough for me?
  • How much of my time will these flyers distributors jobs in Singapore take?


Helpful Flyer Distributor Jobs Application Tips


When applying for flyers job, regardless of the nature, you need to appear professional. This goes the same when applying to land a jobs flyer distributor. Yes, you are not usually required to show up in a long-sleeved shirt and tie, or a pencil skirt and a tailored top, but at least make yourself presentable and wear something nice. A smart-casual get-up would be a good idea. Make sure you arrive on time and never be late. First impression lasts, so if you do not want to make the hiring officer think that you are always tardy, do not be late! A Flyer distribution job also requires dedication, so show them that you want this job!


Possible Career Improvement


Even a flyer distributor has a potential for a career advancement. Students who have part time flyer job can apply for a higher position once they graduated from school. Flyer distributor jobs in Singapore include lay-out/ graphic artists, technical consultants, office clerk, promotional managers and more. In addition, you can consider flyer distribution as a legitimate job experience and can be aligned with the sales and marketing and advertising field.

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