Flyer Printing at Ang Mo Kio – Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors that may affect the effectiveness of flyer printing and distribution. Here are a number of frequently asked questions regarding flyer printing at Ang Mo Kio and other areas.

Q: How effective is flyer distribution?

A. The success or failure of flyer distribution can be determined by several factors. Flyer distribution is highly effective when the product or service is what the people need. It will also be effective when it has a clear and eye-catching layout and when there is some promotion on the flyer itself. Furthermore, it would be more effective when it reaches suitable target market.

Q. What’s the difference between door to door distribution and direct mail?

A. Door to door flyer distribution is delivered right to the prospective clients; doorsteps through professional flyer distributors. This is ideal for businesses with the goal to reach a large number of audience because it is cost-effective. For example, real estate agents that target residents planning to sell their homes or cleaning services that target homeowners who have day jobs or kids. Direct mail flyer distribution is delivered to specific people who are strategically targeted through thorough market study. This is usually done through mail or SingPost.

Q. How do I know you will actually distribute my flyers?

A. Here at Alibaba Printing, we use sophisticated GPS tracking system that tracks our designated flyer distributors. This allows you to know when the flyer distribution takes place, the area of distribution, how far the flyer distributor has walked, and the exact distribution route of the distributor. We can have shared distribution, which is performed by our teams of distributors.

Q. What is a good flyer layout?

A. The flyers must be as simple as possible, yet be able to catch the attention of your prospective clients. The message must be clear and concise and at the same time be able to relay the messages that you need to disseminate. It is also advisable that you add a call-to-action phrase so the prospects will have the initiative on what to do next, which is buying or availing your offered products or services.

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