Flyer Printing at Buona Vista – Do’s and Don’ts of Flyer Printing

Any business strategy can go well with the help of flyer printing. Flyers can help boost your advertising methods, regardless if it is an online campaign or an offline advertisement. Nevertheless, there are several factors that needed consideration. To help you with this, here are the do’s and don’ts of flyer printing at Buona Vista.


Flyer Printing Tips

Make your flyers as simple as possible. Make sure to make the message clear but the overall flyer design simple. When it comes to flyer printing, there is a three-second test that must be considered. This must involve handing out the flyer and in three second tops, the recipient must be able to learn important information about your brand. Therefore, minimal graphics and good font size must be used.


Consider your target market. If you know who your target market is, you will know what they need and focus on it. Determine your target market and have a more personal and more effective approach.

Add a call to action phrase. Flyer printing must also involve one thing: your call to action phrase. When used with a simple flyer design and a great message layout, your call to action phrase will help guide prospective clients what to do next. You may add words like “Buy it now” or “50% off until tomorrow”.

Don’t say too much. In advertising or marketing, saying too much is basically saying nothing. This also applies with flyers. Do not cram everything on the flyer layout, making your flyer full of text that no one wants to read. For best results, choose a simple yet concise massage and include a quick call to action along with it.

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