Flyer Types to Choose From


Flyer Types to Choose From!!



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Flyer printing can be found anywhere because it has proven that it is really one oftheeffective ways to advertise something. Aside from the flyer design, you also have to be mindful of the flyer type to use. The size actually matters for every occasion.


If you need more space on your flyer, the A3 flyers are ideal to use. They measure 42 cm x 29.7 cm, giving you enough space to add more important information for your customers. The A3 flyers are mostly used when incorporating charts and infographics. They can even be considered as small-scale posters.



Perfect for manuals, guides and menus, the A4 flyers are smaller than A3, but you can still get creative with it. Since this flyer type has limited space, you have to select the information to be included in the flyers. You need to get rid of less important details, and just keep the text catchy and straightforward. A4 flyers are used as posters to maximize a limited space.



A5 flyers are the bestselling size because they are not difficult to carry around. Giving an A5 flyer to a potential prospect will not be a problem because it has the perfect size. Moreover, A5 flyers are definitely cost effective. Lastly, we have the A6 flyers, which are ideal to be used as postcards or for club promotions.




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