Flyer Distribution at Bukit Batok a Cheap Yet Effective Ad Method

We already said that flyers are among the oldest tools the advertising industry ever known. We can safely say that no person, at least an adult, has never received or seen a flyer in his or her life. Every now and then, we get a flyer from a complete stranger or receive it through mail as a subscription insert.

You may ask if flyers are still effective. The answer of most business owners, including our dozens of clients, is YES.

flyers distribution bukit batok

Our client for flyers distribution at Bukit Batok, for instance, knows that getting the flyers to the right people will definitely make a business boost. Sonshine Childcare Centre will soon have an open house and the owners want people to know about this event, so they decided to distribute flyers across the city. The flyers served as invitation for their open house event and at the same time promote their services.

flyers bukit batok

It is the same strategy used in our flyers printing at Tampines project in which flyers have call to action lines and displays marked down prices in order to attract walk-in customers.

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