Flyers Distribution at Dover

Flyer distribution can be a simple yet effective way to advertise your product, service, or event. It may not replace any marketing effort, especially online marketing nowadays, it can be a cost-effective way to promote if you can do it correctly. As with most marketing ways, you must consider many different factors before starting your flyer distribution at Dover.



How to Make Your Flyer Distribution Work

Here are some tips on how to make sure your flyers do not end up in the garbage.

Go small. If you will be handing out flyers in the street, mall, exhibitions, at trade shows, or events, better make sure that the flyers will easily fit in people’s pockets or purse to minimize the drop-rate. It won’t be ideal to have credit-card size flyers as well because they will be too small for the message you want to convey. A5 or A6 leaflets will be great sizes for this.

Collaborate with other complimentary businesses. Getting involved with potential marketing partners lowers your chances of your flyers getting rejected. Ask for an established business for a marketing partnership, in which you will have your flyers in their store and vice versa.

Think about flyer inserts. Another good marketing strategy is to have the flyers inserted into a publication (preferably influential and well-known in your area). Most likely, this will cost you some money, but this will allow your flyers to get distributed exactly to your target audience.

Sponsor an event. There are ways to distribute your flyers in a rather “premium” way. For instance, you can sponsor an event for a little amount and let the organizers include your flyers in the event’s goody bag or giveaways.

Plan the timing. Think about the proper timing when distributing your flyers. Plan ahead of the time and determine if it is ideal to distribute pre- or post- event, send flyers during the holidays, etc.

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