Flyer Distribution at Yio Chu Kang

How important are details to a flyer layout? They are important, of course; you can’t just print out your brand name on a flyer and leave everyone guessing what you have to offer. If you can add images that can best describe your product or services, the better. Take it from the flyers of Grout ProTech.

Flyers  distribution at yio chu kang

They are one of our recent flyers distribution at Yio Chu Kang clients. Their services include grout cleaning and whitening as well as stainproofing, protection, and many more. FOr their flyers, they incorporated before and after photos of their tile cleaning jobs, which is a great idea because the photos will showcase how effective their services are.

Flyers  distribution at yio chu kang

The flyers we distributed in behalf of Grout ProTech are double-sided and maximised the use of every inch of space. They have images used as proof of the effectiveness of their grout-cleaning technology. In addition, the flyers consist of complete address and contact numbers so potential clients can easily visit or call them. There’s even a brief question and answer that tackles frequently asked questions about their services. The layout is very similar to the layout done with our flyers printing at Tampines Redhill project.

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