Flyer Printing and Distribution at Jurong – A Great Ad Form

We always say that although flyers are a bit old fashioned, they remain one of the most effective forms of advertisement. Flyers are not only an affordable way to advertise, they are also easy to distribute and reach your target market. You can choose where to give out your flyers and have a small budget for that at the same time. Just like what we did with this flyers printing and distribution at Jurong. The company owners of Earnest and Collective want something that will bring attention to their products. So, they come up with a double-sided flyer that showcases their leather goods, particularly shoes.

Flyers Printing and Distribution at Jurong

The flyer features nice photos of their high-quality, handcrafted shoes in full colour. The flyer also consist of a price bracket to give potential clients an idea of how much their products will be. They also included a promo price for 2 or more pairs, so people will be more excited to try and visit the place.

Double-sided flyers are a good investment, they maximize paper space and at the same time allow you to put all the important information regarding your business. This practice is also done with our flyers distribution at Yio Chu Kang. The double-sided flyers are very useful and gave those clients a better return.

Flyers Printing and Distribution at Jurong

You can also try and take advantage of the full-color double-sided flyers. We guarantee that the flyers we print are made with high-quality paper and ink; and our flyers distribution team is hardworking and goal-driven. COntact us by visiting our office at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 or calling us through our hotline 9146 1431.

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