Flyer Printing and Distribution at Pioneer for a Toy Sale

Toys Asia is a popular toy Outlet in Singapore. It is known to hold occasional toy sales that let people save up to 70% off the original toy prices. Toys Asia is one of our biggest clients for flyers printing and distribution at Pioneer. Just recently, the big toy company held its warehouse sale, offering over 200 toy varieties. Their flyers are great looking with excellent lay out and images that will surely attract more shoppers.

Flyers printing and distribution at pioneer

To make it easy for shoppers to find their way to the toy store, they included an easy to follow map and instructions on how to get to the store by car and by MRT. When designing a flyer, directions are a great addition because they will increase the possibility that the potential customer will find the way to your establishment. It is also a good idea to include some photos of available items on sale so people can know what to expect.

Flyers printing and distribution at pioneer

Complete details are crucial and should be included if possible. Just like our project with flyers distribution at Woodlands, the flyers of Toys Asia have important details that we can’t just leave out.

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