Flyer Printing and Distribution At SengKang

For real estate agents Rachel Bor and Daniel Lee, flyers are crucial in making promotion or advertisement drives easier yet more successful. They utilise back-to-back flyers to market themselves as top registered brokers that offer financial calculation, mortgage loan, and buy and sell procedures. For this flyers printing and distribution at Sengkang, they maximised the use of flyers and included not only their profiles, contact numbers, email addresses, and what they offer in general, but at the back section, you will see a long list of transacted prices that they have recently made.

Flyers printing and distribution At SengKang

The flyer layout, although simple, is much more complex than your average flyer layout, but complex in a good way. The flyer not only showed the professionalism and achievements of these two real estate agents, but also highlighted what they still have to offer. Adding photos of their faces also help the flyers have a more personal approach.

Flyers printing and distribution At SengKang

Images are always a great addition to any flyer design, especially when you really want to catch the attention of the receiver. For instance, the flyers used in our flyers printing and distribution at Choa Chu Kang campaign used lots of images and logos, as well as multiple color combinations in order to attract the attention of potential clients.

Get your flyers printed the way you want with our printing services and you can also have them distributed at your target areas. Call us now to know more about our flyers printing and distribution packages.

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