Flyers Printing and Distribution in Orchard: How Effective Is This Marketing Method?

There are a lot of advertising opportunities that marketers look into. Among these is flyer printing and distribution. However, at this modern age of social media marketing, is it still a good option? For instance, is flyer printing and distribution in Orchard really great if you want to promote your product, service, or event in Singapore?

For us, yes. Flyer distribution will stay as relevant as it is was back in the traditional times as it is today in digital age. As a matter of fact, many marketing organizations still believe that it is a highly-effective marketing strategy, particularly when done correctly. A well-organized flyer printing and distribution campaign that involves proper planning, great design, efficient strategy for distribution, as well as a diligent tracking system can provide top notch results.


In a study done by a well-known marketing association, more than 70% of flyer recipients read the flyer contents before choosing between keeping it or throwing it out. That is compared to the actual viewing percentage of TV commercials, which the study states that only 38% of TV-watching people notice. In addition, they say that only 19% of those who read newspaper and magazines notice print ads.


Small, medium and large enterprises can greatly benefit from flyer marketing. Small business can choose this budget-friendly advertising method and use it to reach local prospects, while large businesses can use this economical choice in reaching out customers in various locations.

Planning Your Flyer Distribution Strategy

Flyer distribution offers one of the most effective and cheapest forms of business marketing. When done completely right, it can also be considered as a results-oriented method. Handing out flyers draws attention to your brand in a non-demanding way, allowing your prospective customers to take in the info you provided and taking their time to decide about future purchases.

While the low-cost nature of this marketing method can increase the risk of being wasteful, this is easily preventable. By planning the flyer distribution strategy very well, you can extend your reach for optimum returns.

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