Flyers Printing And Distribution River Valley- What Are The Do’s And Don’ts

Flyers can be a good complement to any of your marketing strategy. Flyers can generally boost both online and offline advertising campaigns. Nonetheless, there are certain elements that you need to consider. Here are the do’s and don’ts of flyer printing and distribution River Valley.


One example of a simple design for flyer printing and distribution River Valley.

Flyer Printing and Distribution Do’s and Don’ts

Do make it simple. It is ideal to keep the flyer design as simple as possible while keeping the message intact. The flyer layout must pass the three-second-test, in which the receiver must know the product or service your offer, your company name, and the call to action in three seconds upon receiving the flyer. Hence, it is best to keep graphics to a minimum and only the important information intact. This can greatly increase the chances of a higher response rate.

Do think about your buyers. Learning about your prospective clients can help you focus on what they actually need. A thorough target market research can help create your ideal customer profile. This profile allows you, as a company, determine the goals, roles and even what motivates these people, hence giving you an idea on how you can personally connect with them.

Do state a call to action. Make sure to add a call to action message on your flyer. Combined with a simple flyer design, a call to action phrase will make it clear for the receiver what to do next. For example, they have to get the offer immediately or it will expire, you need to state that on the flyer.


Don’t say too much. In advertising or marketing, saying too much is basically saying nothing. This also applies with flyers. Do not cram everything on the flyer layout, making your flyer full of text that no one wants to read. For best results, choose a simple yet concise massage and include a quick call to action along with it.

Don’t forget the details. One of the best tips in flyers printing and distribution is to never (ever!) forget the important details. For example, if you are promoting your new massage service, do not forget to include what it is called, what your spa’s name is, location, as well as the contact information. This may sound silly and you may think that it would never happen to you, but let us tell you that it happens all the time, especially when the company laid out the flyer design themselves.

Don’t use low quality paper. Like any advertising materials, the quality of paper you use affects the overall design of your flyers and what people will think about your company. Using cheap paper may mean to customers that your company is cheap and low-quality as well. Of course, you don’t have to go with the highest quality paper, just don’t choose the lowest quality you’ll find.

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