Flyer Printing and Distribution at Ang Mo Kio

When there’s a sale, we want to know what items are available and how much they possibly cost. Because even though there’s a sale, there are times when we feel “tricked” to going to the store and then finding nothing worth buying. Invite your customers to more promo sales by giving away flyers with the available items on sale.

flyers printing and distribution at ang mo kio

Check out this flyer used for our flyers printing and distribution at Ang Mo Kio. It is filled, yes, literally filled with images of items that are on sale. It is for Dmora Gallery, a specialty shop for lighting fixtures, bathroom fixtures, and range hobs and hoods and many others. Just recently, they had a sale in which they offer a huge price off in most of their items. There are sinks that are available at half the price, ceiling fans at a discount, and other home improvement items. The offers are all there on the flyer. This is strategically done in order to attract more buyers to come and visit their store.

flyers printing and distribution at ang mo kio

Similar strategy is used with this flyer for our flyers distribution at Canberra gig. It is simpler compared to this two-faced flyer, but has the same goal of showing what they offer and giving a discount on those who come. Promote your business like this by partnering with us! We can guide you with your ideal flyer layout and make sure they are printed on high quality material and colorfast ink. Our flyer distribution method is also at par with other distribution services in the country. Call us now for a quick quote! You may reach us at 9146 1431 or visit our office at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 for more details.

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