Flyers Printing Distribution: How Much Should You Charge?

Flyers Printing Distribution: How Much Should You Charge?


Flyer printing and flyer distribution business

have been a great need for small and big

businesses. It is the cheapest way to boost

exposure and even inform customers of new

promos and deals. Using flyers can target

areas where the social media can’t reach.



When it comes to jobs, it has been also a

necessity for a business to find the cheapest way possible in order for their flyers to

spread around the market. Flyer distribution is not new in the business world, in fact,

people find it more accessible than hiring someone to do the job but when it comes to

costs, it is much cheaper compared having to partner with a company.



Before Charging


It is very important to probe the market and also, be aware of the competition. Some of the

distribution services can offer up to 15 cents per flyer but fear not, there is an 85% chance

that these distribution services are into bulk sending.



In addition, it is also very important to assess oneself before charging the customer. Ask

yourself this question before making any charge:



•    How much can you do in an hour?



Conceptualize the idea of the how much you want to earn in an hour. Make it competitive

or else the customer will look for other options. By doing all this, there is a 95% chance

that you will earn more than what you expected.



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