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Food Box Printing

Food Packaging Box: Your Simple Guide

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The food industry has a tough competition going on, and it’s important to choose the right type of food packaging. Good thing that people today can approach any printing companies or food packaging box suppliers for a customized food paper box, whether for personal use such as events or business.

Companies offering food products know that it’s an essential element. So if you are new to the food industry, you need to know the details below that can help serve as your guide on what food packaging is all about.

The Purpose of the Food Packaging

Why is food packaging important? It does not just preserve the food, it also attracts the customers since most of them likely judge the quality of the packaging.

The packaging companies are designing the package according to the type of food you offer. Protecting the food is a big factor, that’s why you need to research on the most ideal packages that can protect the food from any type of contamination, chemical reactions, light, or even dust. The quality and taste of food will be affected if the packaging is improper. A well-packaged food is free from contamination and it will also support the shelf life of the product.

There are different types of packaging that you can find such as bags, food paper box, bottles, and cans. The packaged foods are then kept safe using a container when transported.

Custom Designs Can Influence Customer Buying Habits

The printed colors and designs play an important role in food packaging since it can greatly affect the buying decision of a customer. The human brain reacts to colors in varied ways, which is why it’s important to plan and choose color combinations wisely. Example, dairy products are usually associated with white packaging since it conveys purity and simplicity. Orange is fun and energy, making it ideal for summer beverages and sports drinks. It’s best to match the flavors with the colors like red for apples and yellow for bananas. Fonts are another thing, wherein you have to make sure that your customer can read the product details.

It Can Make a Brand Stand Out

As we mentioned earlier, the competition is high in the food industry which is why you need to attract your customer. The takeaway packaging or wrapper itself can establish a brand’s identity and it differentiates it from other similar products. It is also an awesome marketing tool. The logo, label, food shape, it helps the customers remember your brand whenever they come to the store. The packaging of the products can build brand recognition.

Tips on How to Choose

Depending on the food products that you have, you need to choose the right packaging. There are several kinds you can choose, like paper, glass plastic or corrugated. Remember that not all are the same when it comes to food takeaway packaging. There may be benefits but there are also a few downsides, which is why you need to take note of two important things for you to choose correctly:

1. Make sure that it can keep your food products safe.
2. It should catch your customer’s eyes.

Your food packaging should also meet the standards for environmental safety and waste management at the same time. But in reality, not all packaging material can pass, and they are determined by material, the kind of food that is packaged, design, environmental conditions, shelf-life, disposal, ease of use, and cost in producing and distributing them. It means that each packaging material for food has its corresponding traits, and several foods interact with the type of packaging. Here are a few examples of important packaging traits that you should know:

1. Aluminum – it is lightweight, resistant (to moisture, gases, corrosion, and heat), and recyclable. However, it can’t be welded, limited shapes, less strength, and it’s pricey.
2. Glass – it’s non-reactive, heat/moisture resistant, transparent, and reusable or recyclable. However, it is breakable and brittle, bulky and heavy for transportation, and not easy to carry.
3. Paper and paperboard – it has good strength, lightweight, created from renewable resources, low cost, and recyclable. However, it has a poor barrier to light, prone to humidity and moisture, damages, and tears easily.

Latest Trends

You can give your food packaging box or takeaway packaging an edge by taking note of the following trends:
• Bold colors – it mostly works well with the design layout since bold colors are in vogue when it comes to takeaway packaging food products.
• Minimal designs – avoid cluttered designs.
• Functional packaging – a good example is Dunkin Donut’s coffee cup top specially made to carry cream and sugar along with extra coffee. Today, more companies are adapting and incorporating this particular trend, helping customers carry their food with ease.
• The fine print can be big – list your ingredients using a big font since it shows how credible your products are.
• Be creative with the shape – be creative with your food packaging. A good example is a food paper box with drawers and slots for sauces.

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