Getting to Know Sticker Printing Singapore More for Your Brand – Is It The Right Tool For You?


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Sticker printing in Singapore is one of the hottest marketing tools today that companies put their hopes on to increase their sales, market presence, and brand visibility. Alibaba Printing has a lot of regular clients who think positively about adding it to their advertising schemes.


However, many people still might know or understand yet the beauty of making stickers, using them, and taking advantage of its simplicity yet powerful punch when marketing a brand. Let’s get to know some interesting facts and learn the details as you read on.


The Process

To give you an idea of how the stickers are made, here are the steps:

Step 1: Designing the artwork for your advertising goal is the first step.

Step 2: Once the artwork has been approved by the client for printing, it goes into production.

Step 3: The printed artwork will now be cut into smaller pieces for preparation.

Step 4: Lamination is the next right after cutting.

Step 5: Die-cutting is the final step.



The stickers can come from different types of materials. With this, you will have to figure out first the purpose of using the sticker and how much budget you have allotted for it. Litho stock from lithography printing is the most popular kind of material. However, it is not water-resistant but very affordable, and it may or may not have a coating over it.


Vynil is another common type wherein it many choose it for its damage and water-resistant features. It is considered as the most durable sticker, but it is a bit pricier compared to other types of paper. It doesn’t easily fade and curl from high temperatures.



You can choose between the matt and glossy coating. UV coating is another option wherein the sticker will be sun-resistant. Matt makes the sticker look plain, while glossy adds shine to the paper. UV coating uses ultraviolet rays to make the paper look extra glossy, and it adds a stronger protection layer.



Stickers today are self-adhesive called PSA or pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is made from rubber and resin. It is the most common kind of personal and industrial use. The rubber is put on the strong surface of the cellophane, and then a coating agent or release agent will be attached. The white or yellow paper on the back part of the sticker is what you remove when you apply a sticker. The release liner is responsible for protecting the stickiness from any dirt, and it will not move away from the sticker itself.



Screen printing is the most common method since it is affordable, and stickers can be printed in bulk in just minutes. This is a traditional method, but there is a modern way of doing it today. Offset printing is another economical option. Digital printing is another popular choice wherein custom decals in bulk can be produced in a short amount of time. Even you can do digital printing at home so long as you have the printer.






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