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Urgent custom gift box packaging printing service singapore


Urgent Gift Boxes – Order Them Now From Alibaba Printing


Business owners, sales professionals, or marketing professionals are in constant lookout of ways on how to stand out among a vast number of competitors and win the loyalty of customers. One of the best way is to ensure brand recognition. Making sure that people recognize your brand anywhere and in any event will have a great positive impact on your brand because we all know that there’s almost no unique product or services. Chances are, there’s always someone else that offers the same product or service, so you just have to think of ways that will separate you from them.


There has been a high demand for gift boxes Singapore due to the boom in food and beverage product like chocolates, sweets, and wine, but this kind of packaging can also be used for other products like electronic gadgets, jewelries, toys, personal care products, perfumes, cosmetics, and so much more. Gift boxes are usually made using paperboard, which can easily be printed and customized. However, gift boxes can also be made using plastic, tin cans, and other materials such as wood, depending on the  client’s requirements.


Gift boxes or product boxes can make a great marketing tool. The use of these boxes can help people distinguish your brand from others. Offering your products or promo items in a nice gift packaging Singapore that is specially customized for your brand will surely have a lasting impression. Customers will remember your product because the packaging alone grabbed their attention. Gift boxes come in many different designs and styles that will suit your brand image and the product you are trying to sell. Alibaba Printing can actually do a custom design just for you. We will make sure that your products will stand out in an elegant way with our high-quality, customized yet affordable gift boxes.


Market Dynamics of Gift Boxes

While there are many factors that contribute to the growth of demand in gift boxes, e-commerce or online shopping is probably one of its best contributing factor. Urgent gift box packaging printing Singapore do not only provide a good-looking packaging, they also offer high quality protection when delivering the goods to consumers. Hence, gift boxes must not only have attractiveness, but should also offer durability and reusability as well. Keep in mind that sustainability and recyclability are also important since companies are now encouraged to be as eco-friendly as possible.
Popular Gift Box Styles


One of the most popular styles for gift box Singapore is the custom die cut box. These boxes are typically used for retail packaging and are printed with desired design and finished accordingly to the customer’s requirement. These boxes are great tools in providing credibility and recognition, not to mention the publicity you need to make your brand stand out. These boxes can be easily personalized to compliment your brand or product. Moreover, if you want to have a 3D effect to your die cut gift box, it is possible. 3D raised effect gives a more dramatic look to the urgent gift box printing service Singapore.


Advantages of Using Custom Gift Boxes


Because we all want to keep our brands afloat in spite of a huge number of competitors, we know that you will do anything within your means just to keep your brand recognized and your customers loyal. But, it is a real challenge in doing this, as keeping customers loyal is very difficult these days because of competition.  It is ideal for companies to offer new things to customers, in order to keep them from looking for something else or something better. Keeping them satisfied not only with the quality of product itself but also with the fascinating and captivating packaging is one way to attract and keep a customer.


People are getting more and more conscious with how the products are packaged. These days, customers tend to choose a well-package product even if it means it costs more than average. Here are the advantages of using custom gift box Singapore as packaging solutions:

  • Custom gift boxes offers complete packaging not only for your products, but also for corporate gifts, as well. With customized urgent gift packaging printing Singapore boxes, you can incorporate your company logo, name, and other important information in a more personalized way. Plus, you can choose from a wide array of sizes, colors, designs, and styles. Apart from our available designs, you can also request to add elements to your gift box, which can help people identify the box with you or your company. We have in-house designers and graphic artists that can help you materialize your ideas as you imagined the boxes to be.
  • Getting customized urgent gift box Singapore means you do not have to worry about looking for other things to include in your gifts as an identification for your company. Customized gift boxes allow you to include all the information you want – they will be printed on the box itself or if you prefer, added as an insert.
  • Customization is the key in making your business pop out of the crowd. In spite of the many brands that offer same products or services, having a gift box that looks great and at the same time holds your brand name will definitely bring you a notch higher than your competitors. The customized urgent gift packaging printing service Singapore boxes will help the customers differentiate your brand from others and the boxes will also make brand recognition more possible. Keep in mind that product packaging is one of the keys in making marketing a success.
  • Getting a customized gift box printing Singapore shows your professionalism and solidifies your brand image. Adding in elements like barcode, production and expiry dates, and of course a mean logo design will make your company look like it means business and consumers love to buy products or services with a “perfect” brand image.

Urgent Gift Box Printing Singapore

Marketing tools come in many forms. You may choose from other printed promotional items like pamphlets, flyers, posters, and paper bags, or you may opt a gift box that holds your brand name and promotional item beautifully. Presenting your product in no less than a customized urgent gift box will surely add up to your product’s value. If you need urgent gift box printing Singapore, you may ask our trusty staff to furnish a quote for you for our quick and easy gift box printing services.
Our company can provide you with high-quality gift boxes customized according to your needs. In addition, if you need the gift boxes to be delivered faster than usual, try our urgent gift box packaging printing service Singapore. We will deliver quick but promise to not compromise the quality Alibaba Printing is known for.

For more information about our customized gift boxes Singapore, contact us at Alibaba Printing through telephone numbers 9146 1431 or visit our office at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139. Alibaba Printing is one of the trusted printing service providers that offer various products, particularly marketing tools like flyers, brochures, pamphlets, paper bags, non woven bags, business cards, and tickets. Alibaba Printing also offers printing of receipts, invoice, and other business paraphernalia’s.


Step 1:
You will have to prepare 3 PDF files to apply Sandblast + Spot UV and Spot White Backing on your printing material.

File 1: File for the full artwork WITHOUT Sandblast + Spot Uv and Spot White Backing artwork image

File 2:File for the image to be Sandblast + Spot Uv with transparent background. (JPEG File not accepted)

File 3: File for the image to be Spot White Backing with transparent background. (JPEG File not accepted)

Artwork that is to be printed in Offset


File 2
Artwork of Image to be Sandblast + Spot UV (JPEG File not accepted)
1.Ensure image is positioned accurately (as per File 1) to avoid mis-registration.
2.You Must fill the area / image to be Sandblast + Spot UV in PROCESS COLOUR (K=100)
3.Save your file with transparent background


File 3
Artwork of Image to be Spot White Backing (JPEG File not accepted)
1.Ensure image is positioned accurately (as per File 1) to avoid mis-registration.
2.2. You Must fill the area / image to be Spot White Backing in PROCESS COLOUR (K=100)
3.Save your file with transparent background.