Guide to a Simple Yet Effective Flyer Distribution!




Guide to a Simple Yet Effective Flyer Distribution!


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It is very important for each business entity to carefully consider how the flyers are distributed.

The right methods and the right timing will definitely avoid waste of money and time and generate positive results for the business.


These simple guides will help you maximize your distribution methods:


  • Door to door distribution.

Your effort will pay off, especially if the products you are offering are beneficial to the people.


  • Letter box.

Insert the flyers into the mail and letter box. This will assure you that the flyers will reach the home owner.


  • Magazine and newspaper insert.

You may want to insert the flyers into the magazines or newspapers you sell on your store.


  • Clip with the receipts.

Whenever you give the receipt to buyers, clip the flyers so they will know the promo.


  • Distribute as handouts.

Flyers can be distributed to people in a certain area.

You may have your booth in a grocery store or department stores and hand the flyers

to as many people who come and go the store.

You may also go out to a street corner on a specific time when people pass by and hand them the flyers.


There are so many ways to distribute the flyers, but you have to be strategic in this to prevent waste of money, time, and effort.





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