Guide to Flyer Printing and Distribution.


Guide to Flyer Printing and Distribution.



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Of all the available marketing tools you can have, the flyer printing and flyer distribution is

the most amazing and effective one if you will just learn how to utilize it.

Since not all marketing tools are effective, it is important that you figure out how flyers really work.

Here is a simple guide to your flyer printing and distribution.


1. Create an effective design.


The design is important to attract consumers and to get the interest of people who will

eventually become your clients and customers.

To design your flyers, you will need to consider the following components:


    • Color – influence your customers through the colors. Depending on what you are promoting and who your audience is, the color of your design should be strategically conceptualized.


    • Fonts – Selecting the font are important and will benefit your purpose. Select one or two that can be easily readable even from a distance.


    • Logo – Place the logo somewhere noticeable in the flyer. It is an important part to any flyer to be identified among the many brands in the market.


    • Image – The image or illustration you put as part of the design will complete it. It will be less of the fun and interests if there is no image included in the design.


  • Details – Let your customers know what you are promoting, how will they benefit from it, and how they can avail it.



2. Printing and Distribution


Print in bulk to save on costs.For the distribution, use strategic process to reach your target audience.

Learn how you can distribute them even without going into the street and consume your

entire day passing them hand to hand to all people.

Example of distribution is by making the flyer as a filler to a magazine, newspaper, or other reading materials you sell in your store.



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