How Can I do Sticker Printing Singapore at Home?


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Are you thinking about doing sticker printing in Singapore by yourself at home? If you are, Alibaba Printing can give you simple tips that you can remember. But in case you don’t have too much time and equipment to do so, we are always ready to assist all our clients.


Most already know that stickers are versatile and cost-effective when it comes to using it as a way to advertise and promote a brand. You can see it almost everywhere: on cars, door jambs, signs, etc. One of the benefits of stickers is its long shelf-life for a low cost. Stickers have graphics that are eye-catching compared to labels that usually contain information like logo, address, contact details, etc. Since you are looking for info on how you can print the stickers at home by yourself, let’s get right into it.



  • The type of paper is important. You can choose between paper and vinyl. You can also find pre-cut stickers shaped in oval, round, square, and rectangular. Having a Cricut machine would be helpful, especially if you want more details with your sticker. Another you need to remember is whether the type of paper would be compatible with your printer at home. Some printers are very specific, so be sure to check the manual to avoid spending and wasting money on sticker papers you can’t use to print.


  • The Printer. What is the best printer? If you are thinking about buying one first, then a little research will help. It would all depend on the design of your sticker. You can buy a 4-color inkjet printer with a print resolution of 1200 dpi. But if your sticker design needs more dynamic colors and tonal variation, buy the one that no less than six cartridges. You can look up Canon® PIXMA® TS6220, HP® Envy® 7155, Canon® PIXMA® Pro-100, Canon® PIXMA® Pro-100, and see which one would best fit your needs.


  • The overall process. Firstly, you need to design your sticker using editing software that you can use. Mostly for first-timers, attempting to do it on your own could be costly and time consuming on your part, especially if you don’t do it correctly. There are a few things you need to remember:


– Color match: accurate colors will depend on the print process that you choose. CMYK is commonly used in home printing and professional presses that are budget-friendly.


– Choose the RIGHT colors – in CMYK, the lighter colors don’t usually translate well. Wrong choices of design shades could end up differently.


  • Lastingness: Not all stickers can last forever. The longevity of a sticker would depend on factors including ink, print process, and paper. If you want your sticker to withstand the test of time, make sure to research more on supply options.


Well, these are just a few details, and you might be thinking it entails a lot of work. For a person who is busy and doesn’t have the editing skills and equipment, it’s a YES. Don’t fret, printing companies like Alibaba Printing can help out and make it easier for you.


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