How Can I Print Labels? Envelope Printing Steps and Guide


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Are you looking for easy steps on how you can print your labels for your envelope? Alibaba Printing’s simple envelope printing guide will help you, so read on to know more and see if doing it by yourself would be much better than getting the services of a professional printing company.


Businesses today still use envelopes for important reasons and mostly they are marketing related. With this, companies would choose to make their envelopes in their offices. Here is a simple step by step guide that you can do if you want to try printing labels envelopes on your own.



Step 1: Open and start Word.


Step 2: Click File tab.


Step 3: Tick on Options.


Step 4: Scroll down, in the General option, type in the Mailing address box your return address. Then click on OK.



Before you start printing a batch of envelopes using your printing, you have to verify first to see the printer options are set properly.


Step 1: Click Mailings tab, choose Create group, and then click Envelopes.


Step 2: Tick on Options, then choose Envelope Options tab.


Step 3: Choose the option that matches the size of the envelope you are using in the Envelope size box. If you can’t see any match, scroll down and choose Custom size and then input the dimensions of envelope you are using in the respective Width and Height boxes.


Step 4: Tick on Printing Options tab.

The driver of your printer will inform Word how the envelope should be loaded in the printer, the details are visible in the Printing Options tab of Envelope Options box.


Step 5: Look at the feed method and you will see the right, middle, and left positions of the envelope and whether the short or long edge is fed to the printer.


Step 6: It can be face up or face down for the envelope. The face means it is the side where you will see the printed address.


Step 7: If it is fed short edge, the envelope may have to be rotated so that the text won’t appear upside down on the face of your envelope.



Step 1: Load up envelop into your printer following the guide on the dialog box then click on OK.


Step 2: In the Delivery address box, type a test text, click Print.


Step 3: Check if all the settings are printing correctly on your envelope.


IF NOT, check the following:

  • Check the printer information, if there is any, to see how you can load the envelope correctly in your printer.
  • Update the printer driver.
  • Go to Printing Options tab again in the Envelope Options box, make the necessary adjustments. Print again the envelope.
  • Repeat the steps until you find the right setting that you want for your envelope.


Do you find the steps complicated, time-consuming, or hard for you? Do you want to achieve more professional-looking envelopes for your business? If your answer is YES, you can hire Alibaba Printing for this type of printing service at an affordable price and get only excellent quality envelopes that will surely make the receiver excited to open it.


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