How Cupsleeve Printing Work in Events?


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Do you know why many k-pop fans are going to cafes lately? Not just because of their delicious drinks, but it seems like businesses are taking advantage of k-pop concert events. It is a great way to attract and advertise your brand or café at the same time. The k-pop craze is still far from over!


Local fans in various cities are looking for chances to throw their parties to celebrate happenings, like BTS invited to the Grammy Awards.


Fans from all over the world are organizing parties in a café. They celebrate important dates, like k-pop artist anniversaries, etc. You’d be amazed by the long queue of lines outside coffee shops, not because a k-pop artist is coming. So, what’s the catch even if the k-pop artist is not coming?


The answer is, the long line is caused by k-pop lovers who are after a special cup sleeve printing design with a face or face of k-pop artists.


Understanding Cup Sleeve Event


Started in South Korea, the cafes hold cup sleeve events to celebrate a k-pop artist’s anniversary, birthday, or achievement.


According to fan clubs, there are k-pop celebrities who endorse cafes, and their faces are designed and printed on cup sleeves. And now, fans use the sleeves to promote their idols.


The event is not only common in South Korea but also various places. In a themed café, the place is decorated with posters and merchandise, making it a place for Instagram. A fan will receive a cup sleeve if they purchase a drink from the café.


Final Take


Today, printing cup sleeves for events has extended from birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and army enlistment of artists.


Other countries who are fanatics of k-pop artists are adapting too. If you have a business belonging to this category or industry, it might not be a bad idea to partner up with fan clubs and organize this type of event.


It’s a marketing goal that can help your business, and it supports fanatics at the same time. You’d be surprised with the outcome. You can spend a little on the custom designs and then boost your sales in no time. Plus, be ready for teens lining up outside your café!


Not everyone understands the appeal of this kind of event. Fanatics do this to connect with fellow fans.


More people are joining the k-pop fan club craze. Knowing this, it’s a good idea to be unique with your marketing strategy too. As long as there will be k-pop fans, going all out for their artist or idols, such events will happen anytime.


Do you have a café or a coffee shop? Have you tried this kind of event? If you need help in producing customized cup sleeves, you can always contact printing companies. They accept minimal or bulk orders for your special events. Create a design that will win the hearts of many! It can be in one or various colors. Think of the perfect theme before finalizing the design.


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