How Do You Use A Paper Bag?

How Do You Use A Paper Bag?


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Did you know that plain and printed brown paper bags have many uses aside from its usual purpose as grocery bags or lunch bags? Many people keep a stack of it in their Pantry and would even recycle them in many ways.


Here are other awesome ways that you can try:


  1. Ripen your favorite fruit faster – use your paper bag and store your fruits in them such as bananas, peaches, tomatoes, avocados, pears and more! Just put the fruit in it and roll the top to close. Let it sit in your counter for one to two days.
  2. Clean your windows – bunch up and tear an empty paper bag then use it to clean the windows. Most people would use newspapers and paper bags because it can give you a streak-free shine.
  3. Serve your snacks creatively – it’s a great alternative for your party or any event gatherings than using plastic. It can create a rustic look effect. You won’t have to worry about washing the plates anymore.
  4. Collect and recycle – if you have your paper grocery bags, collect and recycle them.
  5. Collect items for compost – this is a great alternative for your compost pile. You just have to shred the paper bag after you take out the items and toss it in at the same time. Make sure to shred it to small pieces so that it will break down faster.
  6. Gift wrap – do you have a small gift that you want to give but no time to go to the store to buy a wrapper? Paper bags do not just look simple and clean; it’s also a creative way to use it as a gift wrapper by finishing it with a twine.
  7. Filler – do you have an access to a paper shredder? You can use paper bags as fillers for gift ideas or even as packing material. If you need something as a cushion for fragile items, it’s a good alternative too.
  8. Arts and crafts ideas – it can be useful for drawing and painting projects or as protection from messy egg dyes residues, pumpkin carving and more.
  9. Dust off mops – you will just put a large paper bag on the mop head and tie it with a rubber or string. Shake it and wait for the dust in the bag to settle in before removing the paper bag.
  • Clean your artificial flowers display – put the flowers in the paper bag with ¼ cup of salt. You just shake it, and it will be clean in no time!
  • Book cover – plain and printed paper bags can give you a nice cover for your book! It’s a fun activity for your kids too.
  1. Linen sheet storage – store your linen sheet sets to help you organize and while keeping it smelling fresh at the same time by putting a used fabric softener sheet.
  • Keep your bread fresh – if you live in humid location, use a paper bag and put the bread in it to keep its loaf soft and crust crisp.



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