How Long Does Instant T Shirt Printing Singapore Take to Finish? Common FAQs Answered


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Want to know the Frequently Asked Questions and answers to t-shirt printing? If yes, then below are helpful details that you can take note of.



Size and Color FAQs



– Do you have youth sizes? 

Answer: Most printing companies offer 2-4 x-small, 6-8 small, 10-12 youth medium, 14-16 youth large. Some may stock infant lap shoulder shirts.


– Are 2X, 3X, 4X, and so on sizes available?

Answer: Some of the garments could be up to 6X size. But you should know that not all printing companies offer them and not all colors in such sizes are available. You need to call to confirm.


– What is the largest size of the design that can be printed on a shirt?

Answer: The maximum size depends on where you want the design to be printed on the shirt. You need to call the printing company to get the full details and talk to a sales representative or in charge.


– Can shirt sizes be mixed in my order?

Answer: Most printing firms would let you mix the sizes in any way for your to complete your order. The design or logo is created to fit the smallest shirt, and you will not want to order one 2-4 size when most of your order is more on adult sizes. Ordering pre-set dozens for each size is not necessary. They may allow you to order exactly what you require.


– Can I mix the types of shirts when I order like sweatshirts, t-shirts, and golf shirts?

Answer: Yes, so long as the designs will be printed in the same place or location on all shirts. The price is dependent on every garment determined by the overall quantity of shirts that you will order.


– Can I use different ink colors?

Answer: Yes, but every time your change color, most printing companies would charge you for ink color change.



Ordering FAQs



– How to order t shirt printing Singapore?

Answer: There are different ways including calling by phone, fax, or email.


– How to pay?

Answer: Depending on printing companies, you can pay through credit card, money order, or check. Purchase Order payment may be available to some organizations along with a written agreement offered at the printing company’s discretion. Cash payments mostly get discounted prices.


– Can I see a sample before printing in bulk?

Answer: Before printing, you can request pre-production paper mailed or through e-mail. Production starts as soon as you send the approval.


– How long will it take for me to receive the order? Do you handle rush orders?

Answer: It depends on your order. Custom printed tees typical production time would take 2 weeks. Rush services are offered by most printing firms, shipping them in as little as two to three days on a lot of items. Next day shipping may be done for digital photo t-shirts. You need to call ahead if the rush service is available. If you need the custom shirts on a specific date, you need to inform the printing firm.



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