How Many Tissues are in a Wallet Tissue Pack? Origin and Use


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Would you like to know how many tissues are in a wallet tissue pack? What are its origin and use? Alibaba Printing will show you informative details that will answer these questions, so read on to know more.


Before that, let’s get to know a little more about this useful product. We all know that tissue deserves a special place. No matter what the weather or situation may be, most people would have their tissue packs in their bags, pouches, pockets, at home, desk, and many others! People need it because it helps in personal hygiene and overall cleanliness.


Origin and Its Use

The tissue paper has noble and ancient origins and was used by the Egyptians first. In the Middle Ages, it was used as a decorative accessory until they were transformed into true seduction tools in the 19th century for the aristocrats. It then deeply changed their traditions and customs. It is cheap, practical, useful, and disposable.


Design on the Packaging

The packaging of tissue should be as comfortable and handy as the product. The pack itself is resealable to keep it clean, and it should also be space-saving so that people can carry it along easily.


The most popular type of tissue pack today is the ones that are packed in plastic. The tissue boxes that are made of paperboard designed by shapes and graphic colorful designs are also captivating the market. Believe it or not, some of the tissue sets are collectibles!


The colors, graphic elements, and shapes for every product changes and can’t be set with a standard. The cuts, both resealable and tear-off ones, do not adhere to any logic. You will notice simple holes, complex cuts, or nose-shaped holders where the tissues come out.


Small Packet: How Many?

Many businesses or brands today are requesting customized wallet tissues for marketing reasons. The small packets are preferred by many because it is handy and a good addition to a handbag, purse, wallet, or pocket.


The packet contains ten 3-ply tissues that are durable and soft. Once you grab a tissue, you can reseal it for your convenience. The packets with custom designs are also perfect for hospitals, health clinics, etc. The size is 3″ x 2-1/8″ x 7/8″.


Highlights and Use

It is awesome for facial care use or quick cleanups. The tissue is 3-ply ultra-soft, which is gentle to the skin. Its small wallet size is perfect for travel.


Businesses can have it packaged in assorted colors, including their marketing message, brand logo, etc. It also can be designed aesthetically with a pleasing style, which creates a lasting impression for those who can see the product. It encourages brand memory as well, due to long-term exposure to the user.


The soft and gentle tissue is made to deliver strength and softness in a travel-sized pack that is convenient for the user to carry around with him or her anytime.


Brands who want to take advantage of this marketing method will surely save money compared to the traditional ways of advertising and promotion since the wallet tissues are more affordable, attention-grabbing, and satisfying to many people.








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