How Much Does Bookbinding Cost? Types of Binding Method for Your Printed Output

How Much Does Bookbinding Cost? Book Printing Singapore Types of Binding Method for Your Printed Output


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What is Saddle Stitch? And What the Binding Technique Mean

What is a Perfect Binding? Is it a Good Book Binding Technique for Your Printing Projects?


If you have important documents, written books, artworks or other printed forms for personal or business use, it is best to apply binding to achieve a cleaner and more-professional looking output, keeping everything in place and organized.


How much do we need to pay for bookbinding services? It will depend on several factors, including the number of pages, the materials to use for the interior and outside covers and the type of binding method. Let’s get to know a few of the binding method that you can choose from:


  • Case binding – most of the major books are hard bound and by far; this is the best binding technique. It is highly durable and can attract high prices for retail. However, this is not recommended for cost-conscious people or companies. Its price is the biggest drawback. The weight could be another issue and may lead to expensive shipping costs on your end.


  • Perfect binding – or also called as soft cover binding. It is economical both in production and delivery, and the output is still of high quality. The book does not lay flat, and this is less durable compared to case binding.


  • Saddle stitch binding – this is very economical and good for small booklets. The turnaround is fairly quick and is usually done in commercial printers in your area. This is less durable since the pages and covers can be damaged easily.


  • Comb, spiral and thermal binding – good for short-run books and you can pay for it at extremely low cost, it does not have a minimum number of order. However, the three techniques are not generally suitable for retail channels and standard distribution. Your readers can identify that your file is self-published.


What is the Best Method?



Binding a book does not just hold the pages together; it also serves a certain purpose, and it can stimulate emotions. The cost is the number one concern when selecting a binding method, but you should not just look at this factor alone.


One thing you must consider is who your readers are and how your book is going to be used. With this, you’ll know whether your printed document needs to be durable that can last for a long time. If you think your book can sell, choose a binding method that signifies value and that can entice a reader to pick it up.


If you think about these details, you’ll surely choose the most cost-effective and appropriate book binding method, and you’ll be satisfied with your choice.


Material to Use


The materials to use in binding your document depend on what method you’ve chosen. However, here is a list just to give you an idea on what they are:


  • Paper – papers that are specifically designed for book binding.
  • Tape – a bookbinding tape is made from cotton, linen or polyester.
  • Thread – waxed linen thread.
  • Boards – perfect board, binder board, chipboard, etc.
  • Mull
  • Paste – made from wheat flour.
  • Cloth – the most appropriate cloth is the binder’s buckram.
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Steel Ruler
  • Knives & Cutting Mat
  • Razor Blade
  • Shears
  • Flat Folder
  • Folding Stick
  • Folding Needle
  • Right Angle Card
  • Squared Card
  • Sewing Frame
  • Press and Tub
  • Paste Brushes
  • Piercing Awl
  • Beeswax
  • Sandpaper
  • Needles
  • Wastepaper
  • Rubbing Sheets/Vellum Paper
  • Workbench


Why don’t we get to know a little of more of the popular and cost-friendly methods for binding?


Saddle Stitch


A popular binding method that usually uses two staples wherein the folded pieces of paper are assembled one inside the other, and then the center line is stapled.




Also called as coil binding, is a common style in bookbinding. The pages here are secured together using a spiral plastic or wire that is coiling through a sequence of holes that are pierced on one side of every page, including the back and front covers.


Perfect Binding


It is also a widely used soft cover binding technique. It uses a special glue (strong and flexible) at the spine that holds the pages together.


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