How Much Does Flyer Distribution Cost In Year 2022?

How Much Does Flyer Distribution Cost In Year 2022?


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How much flyer distribution In Year 2022?


Flyer distribution, a proven marketing method that small and big businesses have been using for a long time. Today, most people are found online but not all are always looking at their phones or gadgets, right? So the best way to reach out to them is to attract their attention the good old way – flyers.


Flyers might be understated by most businesses but the results of doing this technique correctly have helped thousands of companies reach their sales potential and became the leader in their industry. Which is why even until today, flyer distribution is still part of a business’ offline marketing strategy while implementing their online advertising and promotions at the same time; getting the most out of the traditional and modern way of marketing. How cool is that?


How Much is the Cost?


There are many printing companies in Singapore that offers very cheap packages for flyer printing and flyer distribution. Below is a general information just to give you an idea that can serve as your guide when you plan on having a flyer campaign.


Most of the distribution services include the following but not all printing companies offer the same services:

  • Door to door
  • Walkway
  • Landed Property
  • Car drop
  • Sandwich board advertising
  • Customized services such as flash mob, specific distributor profiles, etc.


  • Price ranges would depend but here is a general guide:
  • Usually, you will be charged by the hour or for every 1,000 flyers.
  • It can range from $25 to $40; this is for basic distribution.
  • From $40 to $50 for customized distribution.
  • You can be charged around $40 each hour for extra marketing and services.


Pricing factors on flyer distribution are as follows:

  • The location for flyer distribution – if the area is more public, the price is generally minimal than distributing in landed properties.
  • The kind of service – the prices are quite the same on the distributed quantity, but if you add for extra services, you will be paying for more.


Things You Need to Remember:

Below are some important things you need to remember about flyer distribution:


  • The flyer distribution is not just a one-off procedure.
  • Your customers might take weeks or even months before they decide to purchase your products or avail your services.
  • To help your business retain in your customer’s minds, distribute another set of flyers after a certain period of time.
  • Plan and think about the profile of your potential market. Where can they frequently be?
  • Find ways to increase your area to maximize your business’ exposure.
  • The minimum quantity of flyers varies from one company to another. You can check and compare the packages that they offer.
  • Most of the printing company’s distributors are full-timers.


You can talk to a printing company providing flyer printing and distribution services for clarifications on the packages. They mostly offer fast distribution, daily reports at affordable prices.


Choose a printing company to ensure professional, high-quality and experienced staff that can cater to your needs from day 1 involving graphic designing, printing until distribution day.







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