How Much Does It Cost to Distribute Flyers?

How Much Does It Cost to do flyer distribution in Singapore?



Flyers are among the most effective ways of reaching out to customers and promoting your products or services.they are a great way to build customer base, generate business, and improve brand recognition, as well. With the combination of effective flyer design and proper distribution techniques and channels, this method of advertising allows you to use a cost-efficient tool that you can capitalise through reaching out and expanding your customer base. Flyer distribution is inexpensive but effective, as long as you do it properly. 



Services and Specialisation


The price of flyer distribution mostly depends on the method used. There are door to door distribution, walkway distribution, sandwich board advertising, and other types of distribution methods that are customised according to the clients’ needs. There are even flashmobs, specific distribution profiles, mascot distribution, and many others. 


Factors That Affect the Price of Flyer Distribution

Here are the most common price factors in terms of distributing services:


  1. Distribution location. Most of the time, the price for flyer distribution in public areas are lower compared to the distribution services at landed properties. 


  3. Type of service. While the prices are almost similar depending on the quantity of flyers to be distributed, availing additional services can generate a little extra when it comes to cost. For instance, sandwich board advertising and customised flyering can be a bit more expensive compared to regular distribution. 



How much does it cost to distribute flyers?

Generally, flyer distribution firms charge by the hour or per 1000 flyers. These range between $25 and $40 if it’s for basic distribution packages while it can increase up to $50 for a customised distribution in a per hour rate. 

Challenges That You May Face



  1. Flyer distribution is not just a one-time process of advertising. It takes weeks or even months for a consumer to decide if your product or service is worth a try. So, it is important to distribute another set of prints after a few weeks or so, keeping your brand at the consumer’s  forefront. 


  3. Consider your customer profile. Where do they go frequently? Try to increase your advertising coverage in the area to maximise your brand exposure. 

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