How Much Does It Cost to Print Flyers?

How Much Does It Cost to Print Flyers? Your Ideal Budget for Your Marketing and Business Needs


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Printing of Flyers and tactically distributing them in areas where your target market is located is an effective marketing strategy applied by many businesses for many years. Doing so have helped them boost their market presence resulting in an increase in their sales.


Even with minimal marketing budget, you can carefully plan the details of your flyer distribution campaign and be able to reach a huge mass strategically. Big and even small businesses are given an opportunity to advertise at little cost. However, with this type of method, there’s a strategy that needs to be imposed. It should not only be done at one time if you really want exposure, which is why it’s vital to plan the campaign carefully. Here are some things you can take note:


  • Careful planning of details from Day 1. What type of business do you have? Who is your target market? What is your goal for this campaign? Can you add promos and discounts in your campaign? Here, ask the most basic questions that can help you achieve the results of your flyer promotion.
  • Think of designs, patterns and enticing texts that will enable your receiver to read the flyer and decide to make a purchase of your products and services.
  • Choose a printing company that you can trust. See to it that they are doing this for a long time, making them established and experienced in their industry. Don’t just settle for cheap cost but low quality service. Choose wisely.
  • Set a budget for multiple campaigns and make the right schedule.
  • Ask for rules or any law regarding flyer distribution in your chosen location in advance to set plans, make letters and ask permissions if necessary. It’s better to avoid unwanted circumstances during the day of the campaign. Please take note of the contents that are not allowed in a flyer.


Let me tell you more on how to achieve a successful flyer campaign for your business.


How to Achieve Cheap Flyer Printing Design


Below are simple yet effective tips to help you achieve a cheap flyer with awesome printing design that will surely aid you in marketing your business, a responsive, persuasive and that can definitely generate sales!


  1. Create a layout that fits the image of your business.


It’s all about the combination of hues that you use on the logo and the overall flyer that can show and give that feeling of consistency for people who knows your company or organization.


Here, everything that you will do should acknowledge the image of your company for whatever reason your campaign is all about. A shaded ink or grayish or white paper is recommended. You can also choose an expert look if your company is proficient. Always make a flyer that will coordinate with your objectives. This is basic advertising that you should be aware of.


  1. If you want the best design, hire a professional designer.


It’s understandable that your decision will be affected by your current financial budget. There are resources online that you can find, a layout that can help in your flyer. However, you might want to consider a professional designer’s skills and experience in this field since they can structure the flyer along with your objectives perfectly.


  1. The perfect color combination is a must.


In the outline of your flyer, shading has a massive impact. The right shade is responsible in setting the mood of the occasion since it can give the flyer a solid feeling in the air.  The shades should not be overpowering each other. A right blend and mixture of hues will complement the whole theme of your flyer. You can’t use a sad and dull shade if you are promoting an upcoming event like a product launching for instance, it should have an interesting and an exciting vibe.


  1. You can make use of ribbons as well as dividers for emphasis.


Sometimes we don’t feel like using photographs as part of the elements in our flyers. So if this is the case, you can make use of standards, strips and dividers. If you need to emphasize a detail or information on your flyer, you can make use of strips, for example, to create a partition in certain areas. It will generate an effect to the readers and they will absorb the information more because of the emphasis you made.


  1. Using the right and short words is crucial.


When we look at a flyer, we sometimes disregard it, especially if it’s overstuffed with words. Many people don’t like to read a lot but are usually captured with enticing words and images.


Make sure that the content of your flyer is infectious and smart. The text that you put in there is the main thing that your viewers will scrutinize and will urge them to scrutinize more once they are attracted to the right words you’ve put in your flyer.


  1. In the body of the flyer, use words that show the key offerings and the purpose of the campaign. In a plain and brief manner, tell your viewers the main reason why they should make a purchase of your products and services or why your event is a must-see.
  2. Before finalizing, make sure to edit and proofread the content.


Sometimes, when a draft layout has been made, we just check the images if they are placed correctly and disregard the texts for spelling and grammar usage, which is a very important process in flyer making. Due to typographical errors, we could send out the wrong information or worst; we might lose our potential market’s interest because of a simple mistake.


It is a smart move to have someone else check the final draft of the flyer before printing them in bulks. It’s a simple task of verification that you don’t want to ignore.


Double-check the time, dates, company name, contact numbers, email, promo duration dates and other important information before printing.


  1. Never overstuff the elements.


Sometimes in our flyers, we just want to put it all in there, but this is wrong. You don’t need to put too much info in your flyers by placing an image or text in every space left that you see in your layout since this can befuddle your viewers.


However, if your flyer has too many white space, that’s another thing you should be frightened of. There should always be balance and your professional graphics designer would know this. You can highlight some elements and info in your flyer as long as you don’t put too much of them.


Design Your Flyer Perfectly


The overall design of an advertising flyer is the key to make it an effective tool in your marketing strategy. It should be able to grab your viewer’s attention and make them want to read more. But most of all, it should serve as a call to action.


You might have seen some ugly flyers being distributed around and you probably just threw them in the trash right away, and we don’t want that to happen. Below are some important points that you will need to remember when designing your flyer.


Plan Your Content before Printing Many Leaflets, Flyers, Booklets, Brochure


As what we have mentioned earlier, always plan first and don’t get caught up in speeding things up since you have to be precise in what you need to do with your hues and images to convey the right message.


<H3>You Should Arrange Images and Design According to Your Theme


You can combine images that show a clear message of your campaign, and it should give the right energy at the same time. Some photos can’t be joined together especially if they have dissimilar vibes since this can create an unusual feeling or impression to the reader.


Use the right images that compliments your message by putting it as the base element of your flyer. You can play around with the sizes until they hit the right adjustment but make sure that it does not overpower the texts of your flyer. You can ask someone else for their opinion.


Put Your Texts Correctly to Create a Readable Flyer Design


Avoid putting your texts everywhere in your flyer. It should be noticeable but not overpowering all the other elements in your layout. The shading of your text should emerge from the foundation of your layout wherever you’ll set it. You can use text style hues that fit the various foundation hues. Your content should be concise and say something in lesser words!


Print Cheap Flyers with Cool Photos


Using unique images is a great approach to show vibrancy and shading to flyers when needed. If you want to use photos from the Internet, make sure that they are copyright-secured to avoid any unlawful inconvenience. However, you can always ask a professional designer about it; they are the best people who would know what’s right and good for your flyer.


General Idea on the Cost


Flyers come in different sizes and papers. The common sizes include:

  • A5 1pc of A4 = 2pc of A5 148MM(W) x 210MM(H)
  • A4 1pc of A4 297MM(W) x 210MM(H)
  • A6 1pc of A4 = 4pc of A6 148MM(W) x 210MM(H)
  • DL
  • A3 or 1pc of A3 420MM(W) x 297MM(H)
  • A2
  • A5x3
  • A5x4
  • A4x3
  • A4x4


Price would range from $20 to more $1,000+.


Other factors that affect the price of flyer printing are:

  • The type of paper used – copier paper, gloss art paper, semi-gloss artcard, postcard material, magazine paper, matt acrtcard, etc.
  • Folded or unfolded
  • Type of printer
  • GSM (grams per square meter) of paper – 80, 105, 128, 157, 260, etc.
  • The volume or the number of copies that you want to print.
  • Distribution package, location and other custom or special services request such as wearing of costume for the distributor, etc.


The more printing request you would like to order, the cheaper it will be for the cost of each flyer.


Plan Your Marketing Budget When Advertising Your Business


For every marketing campaign, the first thing you need to consider is the budget allocation of each project. For the flyer printing and distribution, for instance, this should not be done once to ensure the success of your objective for your business. But this should not be done quickly as well. Create a time frame which allows you to make a strategic plan for each campaign.


If your budget is more than enough, you can do it simultaneously in different locations happen during the same day, but you still have to create the schedule for the next run.


Tips to Remember in Flyer Production

Here are short and important tips you need to keep in mind when printing flyers:


  • Use the right type of font.
  • Readable and bright colors should be applied.
  • Make use of appropriate images.
  • Your logo should stand out.
  • Check different options for the design.
  • Expert in graphic design is ideal, especially if you are not good in editing.


Cheap Flyers in Singapore


There are many printing companies in Singapore that offer cheap rates for flyer printing and distribution. But always see to it that this certain company has the following:


  • High-quality service at affordable price.
  • Experienced distributors.
  • Quick and reliable service.


Why Choose Alibaba Printing?


Alibaba Printing, with more than seven years in its existence in the industry, you are rest assured that you only get the best-quality  service that you can rely on, and they probably offer the cheapest flyer printing rates in Singapore with regular and new clients from local and international brands.


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