How Much Flyer Distribution In Year 2022?

How Much Flyer Distribution In Year 2022?


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How Much Does Flyer Distribution Cost In Year 2022?

How to charge for flyer distribution In Year 2022?


Printing flyers and distributing them in a specific area is a great way to advertise your business and help it gain more customers to boost your sales. It’s indeed a simple strategy come to think of it, but it actually requires more effort for you to say that your campaign is a success.


There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when printing flyers:

  • The design should be appealing and captivating.
  • You put the right graphics elements together such as the images or illustrations, the font size of the text, the correct color scheme and combination, borders, etc. If you hire a printing company for flyer distribution services, they’ll know what to do especially if they are skilled and experienced for the job.
  • You should be creative in sending the right message to your target audience.
  • Don’t forget to put the needed information from your business or company. Double check the details and make sure that it’s correct. Check for typos and grammar errors.
  • Make it interesting for the receiver, create curiosity and answer this: “what will they benefit from your business?”


How much will you need for flyer distribution?


If you are planning on hiring a printing company for flyer printing and distribution, you shouldn’t be worried that much about its cost compared to other offline advertising. Flyer campaigns are considered to be one of the cheapest advertising methods with very positive results.


The rate varies from printing company to another since there are factors that could affect the price. Some may be charging you per hourly rate while others will charge you for every 1,000 copies. The price could start from $20 up to $60 or more.


With regards to the number of minimum copies, it depends on the type of service that you want to have. For example, if you would like an HBD door to door flyer distribution service, you may be charged SG $20-$32 for every 1000 copies with a required minimum order of 10,000 copies, or you may be charged by the hour. You can ask the printing company whichever you prefer most.


The different flyer distribution services that you can choose from are HBD door to door, landed, street/walkway, commercial, industrial, cardrop, and condo distribution.


There are customized services available as well but this could really push the regular price up. For example, you would like to have the distributors wear a costume; you will need to pay extra for this.


This is a marketing effort and investment of your company, and you will want to get updates on the flyer distribution campaign. You won’t have to worry about it since most printing companies will be informing you and will send you a report on a day to day basis or until the campaign is done.


In choosing a printing company, make sure they are experienced in this kind of job, and that they have already been established for many years. This is crucial since we need someone to help us achieve a successful flyer distribution campaign.





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