How Much Is the Cost of Calendar Printing Singapore?


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Are you looking for the exact price details on how much it will cost you to print calendars in a minimal or bulk order? If so, then you will want to continue reading on to get some very helpful tips.


Customizing calendars are requested by businesses and even for personal events. The technology today allows many people to create their designs online and order them directly on the website. However, many still prefer to call a professional printing company to help them out with more details, create attractive designs, and answer their queries.


There are different types of calendar printing in Singapore that you can customize.


  • Wall calendars – hang on a wall, with various sizes to choose from.
  • Desk calendars – the spiral-bound adds style to the workspace.
  • Magnetic calendars – perfect to help you keep track of the schedule at a glance.
  • Poster calendar – it is compact, and the year’s schedule is fully displayed. You can choose card stock or glossy style.
  • Card calendar – Usually smaller in size, and can be perfect gifts.




  • Wall Calendars – 11” x 8.5, 12” x 12”, and 8.5” x 5.5”
  • Card Calendars – 5” x 7”, 2” x 3.5”, and 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Magnetic Calendars – 4” x 6”, 4” x 8”, and 2” x 3.5”
  • Poster Calendars – 8.5” x 11”, 27” x 39”, and 11” x 17”


One awesome fact about calendars is you can make them in a size that fits your preference or requirements. You can choose a custom size by specific height and width.


The wall calendars are specially made and hung on the wall. The 5.5” x 8.5” fits a home office or office cubicle.


8.5” x 11” poster calendar may be small, but a 27” x 39” is just the right size in a shared workspace or for everyone in the family. Large-sized calendars are viewable from a distance.


Magnetic calendars can be placed on refrigerators perfectly, which is big enough to be seen from a certain distance.


You need to consider the space that a calendar will take-up since it will be displayed for one year. Small-sized calendars are cheaper, but if you want to advertise your company or brand, the larger size can give you the spotlight that you need.


Another thing to take note of is that the size affects the pricing of package rates of calendar printing.


Order Quantity


Poster, wall, and magnetic calendars are printed in bulk. Orders usually are around 500 and 1,000 pieces. However, some printing companies accept lower quantities. You need to make arrangements and inquire about it. The card calendars are bought in low quantities, around 25, 100, and 250 pieces. Again, it depends from one printing company to another.




The price can be determined once you have set your requirements. Just remember the following factors that can affect pricing:


  • Size
  • Type of calendar
  • Type of paper used
  • Quantity


The printing company can tell you the exact price once you have established your calendar printing needs.


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