How Much Will it Cost to Order Custom T Shirt Printing Singapore?


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Are your events lining up, and you are looking for information on the most affordable, fastest, and reliable T Shirt Printing Singapore service? You are on the right page, offering the lowest rate for as low as $7.32 for every t-shirt.


Everyone sets a budget, and this is the most important factor in every business. T-shirts have become one of the most in-demand items in marketing. Why? Because it is flexible, and you can customize it according to your theme, event, or marketing goals.


Prices would depend on some factors, including the quantity. When you calculate the cost of printing the t-shirts, quantity is key. If you only want minimal order, you can expect that the retail prices could be $8 and up for each shirt.


With this, you think it may just be okay making it yourself. But if you plan on selling or distributing, it will be highly inefficient on your end. Why? Because if you need to buy 50 or more, you can pay for a cheaper price. If you will order in bulk, expect to get a more discounted price.


It is highly recommended to maximize your buying ability, but you should also be careful at the same time. Buying too many would result in a loss. It’s crucial to know your objectives, your market, and who will pay for the shirts in your organization.


More Features Will Cost You Extra Cash

The cheapest shirts are white ones. However, it won’t stand out that much. If you will use it for advertising purposes, this is not a good thing.


You might want to consider paying more if you prefer printing on colored shirts. Not all printing companies are charging more for colored shirts, so make sure to double-check before finalizing your orders.


Printing firms will mostly charge printing using a few ink colors – utilizing two or more colors will make the cost more expensive. You can always keep things simple and visually appealing at the same time.


If you prefer to print the design on the front and back part of the shirt, it will also increase the cost. Another extra fee would be getting customized embroidery for every t-shirt.



Shipping Cost

Since printing companies cater to local and international clients, let’s talk about shipping costs. Usually, many offer free shipping. But here’s the thing, some will incorporate the shipping price into the cost of every shirt.


See to it that you calculate all the options that you have before choosing the free shipping option or to pay for its shipping fee with a cheaper t-shirt price.


Let the Professional and Experienced Team Handle It

No matter what the goals or how complicated the design is, never settle for less when marketing your business using the t-shirts. Cheap is good but always check the quality and how long they have been offering printing services.





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