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In the world of advertising, flyer distribution is one of the most economical methods in promoting a product or brand, but it also depends if the campaign is done right.


In creating a business flyer, make sure to take note of the following tips:



  • The content of your flyer must be short and direct to the point. Be attentive to the size and design of the whole flyer. It should show the crucial details in attracting the readers.


  • There should be digestible sections wherein it contains headings that are readable and pleasing to the eyes.


  • Bullet points and infographics are highly recommended. Make a summary of what you want your reader to read by using bullet points and charts.


  • The headline should grab a person’s attention.


  • There should be a call-to-action. A reader who is curious and would like to make a purchase would instantly look for the details on how to contact you. Use “Call Us” or “Order Now”.


  • Your reader should have the contact details and directions to your physical store for them to reach you, just in case they decide to call or visit your branch when they are available. You can put the contact details at the bottom part.


  • Proofreading is a MUST. Why? Because it can be a huge turn-down if a reader sees misspelled words and grammatical errors. Worst case scenario is the sentence could create misleading information, which could get you in trouble. ALWAYS proofread before printing.


  • Communicate effectively. If you know your target market, you’ll create the appropriate strategy. Use words or a language that your target clients would understand better.


  • Take advantage of testimonies from your clients. These testimonies do not just stir curiosity. It also encourages the reader more to buy the product. Make sure the sentences are well-written and emphasize what your brand offers.


  • Colors must not be too much nor too dry. Some colors evoke the emotions of customers. Apply the colors that perfectly fit the message or campaign.


  • Do not use many different font sizes on various parts of the flyer. Organize the fonts to make them visually appealing. The font size should also be enough wherein the words are readable at a certain distance.


  • The type of paper is also another key in making your business flyer perfect. Check the durability and quality before deciding to print in bulk.


  • Did you know that you can apply a paper coating to make the flyer more durable and make it last longer? It adds another layer of protection to the paper.


  • The photos must be high-resolution, crisp, and clear.


  • Your business logo must be included in the design of your flyer. If you want your brand to be recognized and remembered, don’t forget this tip.


  • The flyer distribution location must be well-planned and strategic. Know where your target market is mostly located and run a strategic campaign. Create a timeline, especially if a second run of the campaign is needed.


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