How to Distribute Flyers Effectively In Year 2022?

How to Distribute Flyers Effectively In Year 2022?



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The use of flyers is an excellent way to promote your business and inform your target market about your products and services. However, doing so is not as easy as you think. Flyer distribution is a powerful advertising method, especially if it’s done correctly, and if you’re handing out flyers just to finish your task at hand, you might be ending up wasting your resources and time.


It needs effort and planning to establish an appealing impression to your potential clients.


Helpful Tips in Flyer Distribution That You Should Know


For you to distribute your flyers effectively in Singapore, here are the tips that you need to remember:


TIP#1: Make your flyers simple and straight to the point.

The simpler and smaller your flyers are, the less likely they are to be discarded by the people receiving them. Flyers that are made with simple layout and are smaller in size is less costly on your part compared to bigger and more elaborate flyers. Show your potential readers the info that they need without having to add other excessive details. Doing so will make them respond more to your flyer.


TIP#2: Pick the right target market.


You need to be certain with the target market for your business. If your potential customers are girls aged between 20 to 25, then your flyer might not be helpful for the elderly women aging 60 and above. If you know the right clients, you’ll avoid wasting time and energy.


TIP#3: Your flyers should be well-designed and eye-catching.


Yes, you’re making it simple, but still you need to put the right elements to entice the receiver to read your flyer. You should design something that catches their attention upon receiving it. Use attractive but not too overpowering color schemes. Put your well-designed logo and headers in the right place. Headers should show what your business (product or service) is all about and not the name of your brand or company.


TIP#4: Always put your contact information.


Never forget to include the address, telephone number and the operating hours of your business. You can put coupon codes, freebies and promo expiration dates if you are advertising. Putting a small map can be helpful especially if your address is confusing.


Etiquette When Handing Out Flyers in Singapore


It’s a must for you to know the local flyers distribution dos and don’ts in Singapore. There are private institutions and establishments that have rules, and it’s good if you are aware of what they are. There may be instances that you’ll be stopped in distributing flyers, especially in areas that are non-public and if this happens, you need to leave without asking why.


Remember to do the following:


  • Always dress up appropriately.
  • Use effective and descriptive sales pitches.
  • Smile and be polite all the time.
  • Pick up your dropped flyers to avoid making the company look bad and uninteresting to others.


Remember all the tips here and you will surely achieve a positive result in your flyer distribution campaign.




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