How to Do Transparent Sticker Printing Singapore?

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How Can I do Sticker Printing Singapore at Home?



Are you trying to do transparent sticker printing in Singapore on your own? Or are you also thinking about hiring the professional services of a printing company? Alibaba Printing will show you the step by step guide if you want to do the printing on your own and tell why paying for the printing company would be a much better choice.


Most people know that printers usually print on white paper and is just limited to that. Such equipment can print with colors and also on transparent ones, which are called sticker sheets, and many don’t know that you can make stickers from it. There are transparent sticker papers that already come in precut shapes like rectangles and circles, but there are also plain ones that you need to cut manually.


Follow these steps if you want to do it on your own using your printer:


STEP1: You should know if your printer is an inkjet or laser technology. Check the manual.


STEP2: Use the right kind of sticker paper for the printer that you have since there specific brands, and some are compatible with laser and inkjet. Find out the purpose of printing that sticker so that you can choose between the precut or the plain ones.


STEP3: Just put the paper in the tray part of the printer. Usually, remember the labels should face down since the printers mostly print on that certain side.


STEP4: Arrange the data in your image editor or word processor so that your images will be printed on the right side of the paper. Use the ruler so that you can measure the right height and length of the stickers, including the distance. You can see rulers on the top of the screen, use it, and make adjustments if needed.


STEP5: Print the document by clicking the FILE tab, then PRINT. You can also directly press the PRINTER icon on the toolbar.


STEP6: double-check if the printer was able to print on the sticker. You can repeat step 4 and check all the data before reprinting again.


STEP7: If you bought an unmodified sticker sheet, manually cut the sticker using scissors.



The steps may sound simple, but it takes effort in designing the stickers and time too. You need to carefully set up the data to ensure that you don’t end up wasting paper due to wrong measurements.


It does involve some technicalities, and if you are not used to doing so, and you need to print in bulk, better ask the help of a professional printing company, especially if you are doing it for your marketing purposes.


Printing companies like Alibaba Printing can help you design from scratch, create the perfect design and combination of colors, and use the right kind of paper that fits the needs of your goals. The cost involved is not expensive, and you just need to provide the necessary details during the creation stage. Plus, you don’t need to cut the sticker manually since you have different options you can choose from for this.





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