How to Get a Calendar Published and Distributed? Cheap Custom Calendar Printing Tips


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What are the Calendar Printing Singapore Selling Strategies?



There are lots of people who have this concept of a calendar. Nevertheless, they do not know how to make it into the actual physical item and make it available to customers. However, there are two ways where you can dole out and publish a calendar: firstly, by self-publishing and secondly, through conventional publishers. By self-publishing; you can control and create greater sales preferences, while in conventional publishing, it will provide you bulk supplies and distributions.


Calendar Creation


The feature and value of your calendar are reliant on the layout and design. See to it that you have the rights to use those descriptions when planning your calendar. If you don’t have permission or any legal rights to the design of your calendar, you can use it from a free stock directory. However, you need to be mindful that they have specifications on licensing. There might be extra charges for using their photos.


How to Find a Publisher 

If you are not one of those big names, having a calendar published will be hard and very tiresome. Yet, there are bigger publishers where people’s calendars are getting picked up. Moreover, some sites can help you publish your calendars. Go to the site of your preference publishing company and request their submission procedures. Each publishing company has its different requirements.




Several sites offer to print calendars through print-on-demand. However, there are pros and cons with this kind of option wherein the risk is very low, but the cost is also high to get consumers to buy your calendar and eventually make a revenue of approximately $17 to $24 per calendar. But in the case of a calendar, you may also use an offset printer.


There are publishing sites that offer affordable and high quality and quantities for a calendar that starts from 1,000 for full-color printing. Depending on specs, you will pay at least, for example, $1 to $2 per calendar. In addition, if you print more, you pay less. They offer different sizes, and you will experience what your calendar looks like what you purchased from the store and not a spiral-bound selection that you get from a POD establishment.


It is a great way to make money when you do a self-publish calendar. You need to know who you want to reach out to. For example, if your target is for a golf calendar, make some deals with golf pro shops. Another one is if our target is local, make a calendar that can be used for fundraising or school.


Also, keep in mind the timeline of your calendar to be published. For instance, if your calendar is for the year 2022, your product must be ready not later than the spring of 2021.


You can sell your rights to any publishing company for mass distribution of your product if you can show that it is successful by presenting your verified sales record along with your physical product.


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